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mega dose vitamin A and Zinc...and anabolic steroids

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Im starting this log to hold myself accountable if you want to comment or suggest things that might help you are more than welcome


current state of my acne is moderate to severe i would estimate...luckily none on face and neck, none on my back or lower body really at all,  only my arms and chest and abs are pretty fucked


im a white male, 36 years old, 5'9 180 lbs very lean, i eat a lot and have a very hard time gaining weight


ive had acne since i was about 12, shit got real when i was about 15 and pretty much had the worst case in the school.parents ingnored me until i more or less refused to go to school because my acne was so bad . accuntane completely destroyed my acne and i was clear for about...3 months. then accutane again...then again...then again. the 4th time was when i was 24 and i didnt run a full course because i didnt have a script but you get the idea...


4 times. i was on accutane 4 times.


over time i learned to control it more or less with diet and time-restricted eating until i was almost 100%clear if i ordered my entire life around it and didnt do anything enjoyable, even sex and masturbation seemed to break me out.


now you might be wondering why would a person prone to severe acne would be running a cycle of anabolic steroids. 


in fact, the steroids didnt really make my acne my worse. it was only after i got a bad batch and went off cycle without knowing it that my acne exploded. 


anyway so its pretty bad now. 


 i doubt many of you know much about AAS so i ill just say im back on cycle and over the last weak my acne hasnt really gotten much worse. Test, Tren and Superdrol.


nuking it now with 400, 000 iu of vit A per day. i try to get some sun and exercise every day (obviously) shower with charcoal soap but i dont think its doing much, acne comes from inside, trying to keep stress down



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i wont give an update everyday...with any kind of luck as my acne gets better i will have less and less free time... but heres a little more info anyway


PubMed states that high doses... 400-500 k IU of vitamin A will virtually annihilate any acne you have after 3 or 4 months, after that the dose can be dropped. multiple sources can also confirm this.


But it really is dose dependent. Everything is. thats why the required dose seems so high.


Fasting works. If you dont eat for 30 days i guarantee your acne will be gone. 

Accutane works. but not if you only take .01 mcg per day...


time to start my day here, its 10 past 5...things to see, people to do





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seems to be getting better. a lot better. my chest was crazy bad now it looks like its all drying out


i didint eat for basically 2 days so that probably has something to do with it but im sticking to the regimine, keep in mind i want to eat AND have clear skin


i have also adopted a very calorie restricted way of eating, eat stop eat. it at least 24 hours fasted every 2 days and pretty sparse eating in between with focus on meat and veggies.

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