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I've cured my acne , but please read and reply.

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So I started taking Invega for my schizphrenia and it has cleared my acne!! I've had acne for 15 years. I started the medication last year. I know it's not for acne , but my skin is clear! I still have acne scars ,but after all this time I'm adjusting to them. 


So my friend and me were hanging out tonight and she made a comment on my skin. Please read all of this and tell me what I should say or if I should be mad , thanks in advance.  We were talking about well water and I told her how at my old house we had well water I said "One time I got a pimple and well water got in it and it turned into a cyst and left me with 5 scars" and she chimes in and says "yeah it fucked your skin up." Should I be sad and mad about this? Because I am , it really upset me. I had to ask my husband and he said yes it would make him upset too. My dad told me I am overreacting. It's like yes I know my skin is perfect , but my bestfriend shouldn't refer to my skin as fucked up. Yes I have over 100 small scars but still. What do you think?

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I would feel like crap if my best friend told me my skin was bad using those words, but on the other hand, I'm always trying to get them to agree with me that my skin is horribly scarred so that they can understand why I always feel like crap about it,  but they always tell me that I'm exaggerating. But I notice that my friends react the exact same way other people do. They always act uncomfortable and they avoid staring at me directly. So if they said "my face was fucked up." It would hurt initially, and I would be angry and probably rage out, but then I would tell them that I knew it all along that they see what everyone else sees on my face. It would confirm it. And then I would feel bad because they were just lying to me.  


I don't know if this helps but this is how I would react

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Thank you. I'm going to forgive her , but talk to her about it. I hope she didn't mean it in a mean way , but it definitely came off as rude. Don't feel bad about your skin. Don't you waste your life obsessing over your skin like i did. We should care less about what we look like and more about what our personality is like. I try not to let my skin get the best of me, but some days , like today hit me all over again. I'll bounce back though, I always do and so can you. Keep your head up. 

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nothing is so bad that acne cant make it worse... :/


unfortunately the quality of our skin, and our appearance in general, is very strongly correlated to the quality of our personalities.


no one wants to be ugly and even the most beautiful person in the world can be made ugly, and worse...made to feel ugly, by having a bunch of spots on their face, or anwhere else


people think they have carte blanche on insults when it comes to acne. 


i would literally rather be 100 pounds overweight or diabetic.


at least you can lose weight and diabetes can be fixed and managed through diet and exercise. acne is so insidious and complicated and misunderstood and just plain UGLY its hard to even feel empathy for people that have it some times. like its YOUR fault, some moral failing on your part and not just a thing that shows up on your skin.


tell your friend that if she wants to stay friends with you shes gonna need to stop being a bitch.


never hang around people who put you down. we do enough of that all by ourselves

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