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Cerave and Pore clogging pimple?

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I have used cerave hydrating cleanser, lotion, and cream for over 7 years now. I am very satisfied with it even though my skin is a bit oily and the cream can be a bit sticky.
My acne is also under control, but I will get one cyst randomly every month or two only on my chin area. even when I was doing low dosage accutane. I rarely get whiteheads. I am a male. 
I recently added cerave benzoyl peroxide wash nightly only on my chin area and their SA wash (twice a week). I went three months without a single breakout on the BP wash, but then I started noticing my skin was a bit patchy and rough, so adding the SA wash has really helped. However, I had a small little break out on my chin two days ago and it got me thinking... and did some research and found out that cerave has three ingredients that can clog pores... Cetearyl Alcohol and Polyglyceryl-3-Diisostearate

is there a chance that my one cyst once in a while could be because of this? I also eliminated dairy, processed foods, carbs, gluten from my diet. but it hasn't made a huge difference. 
If I am able to be clear for months on end, does that mean that it's not pore clogging? If I use the same lotion on my forehead and chin, but only break out in my chin- does that mean that it's me and not the lotions?  or does that just mean that I'm lucky?

I also tried la roche matte moisturizer which is great for my oily skin, but it wasnt moisturizing enough. I also bought their double moisturizer but I saw that it had a couple of  major comedogenic ingredients. 

What should I do and what would you recommend I use for a moisturizer that has no comeodgeonic ingredients? 
Does pore clogging mean just mean white head / black heads or can it lead to pus filled cysts? 

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