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bacne at 37

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In my teen years I had acne on my chest this went in my early 20's. My main issue with acne/spots since has mainly been my nose and lip area (rosacea) and  my neck

However at the start of the lock down here I got an out break on my back. I occasionally had a couple of spots here and there on my back but nothing serious but this is my first out break. 

I have tried treating it best I could for the last three months but isnt working well. I thought it was healing but now seems to be betting bad again. Its mainly in the center of my back on the spine and are red small spots.

I had hoped it would clear by now especially as lock down ends and I go back to the gym, Also in the last year I have taken to getting massages which I would like to do again.

I dont know what caused it my diet didn't change or stress or anything I am also as i said 37 so why now I have no idea. Any recommendations to fix it other than the usual stuff 

Advice welcomed 

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This sounds like it might not be acne.

If you have health insurance, this would be one of those potentially easy video calls. That way you can get a proper diagnosis.

If it's back acne, benzoyl peroxide + glycolic acid works really well, but you first need to know what you're dealing with.

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I got some glycolic acid last week and am using it but the spots are stubborn and isnt really improving have attached a few images if also one has any suggestions  (Love handles are a separate issue)




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