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Viome Cured my Acne after 15 Years

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I am 29 and have had acne for over 15 years. I've tried everything: accutane, doxycycline, proactive, acne.org regimen, other OTC's, supplements, food sensitivity tests, blood tests, vitamin & mineral deficiency tests, and cutting out (individually) every type of food group you can think of. 

I've had limited success with some of these things. Accutane cured my body acne, but not my face. Doxycycline cleared me up, but acne came back immediately after stopping and the long-term antibiotic use likely damaged my gut.  The food & vitamin tests helped me reduce the severity of my acne, but breakouts persisted.

But nothing worked anywhere close to 100%. Then i found Viome. It's a stool test (yes, gross) that analyzes the bacteria in your gut and provides you with lists of food & supplements to take, and which to avoid. 

You pay about $130, they ship you a test kit, then you mail your sample back to them. In anywhere from 2 - 12 weeks, you get your results online. I've done the test twice and the first time it took 12 weeks (!) for my results, but the second time 2 weeks. Maybe they staffed up or were just very busy the first time. 

They categorize your specific foods 4 ways: Avoid, Limit, Enjoy, and Superfood. It's completely tailored to your specific microbiome (gut). It takes about 90 days to change your gut. My skin began getting clearer and clearer as i approached 90 days of following the recommendations until finally i got completely clear. 

I retested after my 90 days and my results changed dramatically. I had new foods to avoid, and new Superfoods and supplements. 

You need to follow the recommendations 100% if you want it to work fully. For example, Coconut Oil came up as an "Avoid" food for me. This SUCKED because Coconut Oil was in my soap, deodorant, and moisturizer. They all had to go. I tried going back to my Coconut Oil deodorant later, and broke out immediately. Mint was another one for me, as it was in my toothpaste and mouthwash.

I can't recommend Viome enough. I have no affiliation to the company. I am just someone who has had many years of their life ruined by acne, who wants to help others.

There are a few other things that, through the years, i have found to help with acne: getting enough sleep, water, and Vitamin D (sun); avoiding junk food; cardio exercise; good dental health; not holding it in when you need to use the bathroom; controlling stress; focusing on fighting acne from within and avoiding drenching the face with harsh products.

Feel free to DM me or reply with any questions. Cheers


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thank you for sharing this.Besides coconut which of the avoid foods were you regularly consuming? Did you also change the timing of your meals and the portion size? Which supplements did you take? 


What did viome recommend regarding the foods that showed up on the food sensitivity tests you had done previously? And did that change the second time around?

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