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Hey guys,


Just wondering if you all had tailbone pain during, and permanently after quitting accutane. I was on accutane for 3.25 months, 80mg, 147lb male, 24yr , was prescribed 80 mg for 6 months by my crazy derm but decided to quit taking the drug 1 week ago.


Have you all experienced this during and permanently after accutane? Just wondering. It's not too bad and a good reminder for me to not take this drug again. It only really hurts if I sneeze, "clench my buttcheeks" (sounds funny I know), when I get up from sitting down, and usuallly when I lie down.


I was wondering why this specific area hurts? (no bad jokes please I know that's an easy setup) I do have an office job and I'm sitting down more than I'd like. I should google this but my crazy theory is since its similiar to vitamin A poisoning, maybe my body picked this spot to degenerate first and assign the damage of "vitamin A poisoning" to my tailbone ... since it's better to assign pain there first instead of areas like my feet, ankles, hands, other joints... where the pain would be much more annoying.


Thanks for reading

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I took Accutane at around 20 years old and I felt 70. My joints ached so much.

Ever since I don't think they went completely back to normal. I played softball in my late 20s and had to stop because of chronic joint inflammation. And I have a sneaking suspicion that my joints have never been joints of "someone my age" since I took Accutane.

This is purely anecdotal, but from what we know of Accutane, this is why it should be kept as a last resort option for only severe acne.

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Accutane can inhibit sebum secretion by sebaceous glands and prevent hyperkeratosis at the opening of hair follicle. It is precisely because of its powerful effects that its side effects are also very strong.

Please do not use accutane if it is not severe acne, it will make you vomit, pain, osteoporosis, miscarriage, and fetal malformations.

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