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Alkaline water helps or not?

If you go online and search the benefits of alkaline water, it is said to help with skin conditions too. I know that hydration plays a big role in the way our skin looks, but still, the info might be bogus. I'm not willing to overpay on buying it bottled, I don't think it's ok either, but I'm not willing to spend thousands of dollars on a machine just to see that the months pass and my skin looks the same. I've started a routine with products and I want as much help as possible to tone down acne, a bit at least. So, what I actually want to know is, does alkaline water help in any way? And if so, what's the cheapest method to get it?

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It will not help, and may actually hurt. The skin is slightly acidic and should be kept that way. Alkaline substances can disrupt the balance and potentially make acne worse. 

Save your money.

Article for your reference.

And another.

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I wasn't aware of the facts you covered in your articles, interesting read. I do occasionally go through an alkaline water diet honestly cause I have a pitcher that makes it and I can't say that I've seen negative effects. But I don't drink it all that much either, so likely that's why I haven't had issues. But what I do recommend is, leaving the aspect of acidic or alkaline aside, that you check tap water for contaminants. There are plenty of impurities that actually cause skin irritations and infections, so your focus should rather go towards this aspect as it poses a more direct threat to the way your skin looks.




I'm no expert on the topic and don't pretend to be one, but I think there is some truth to health benefit related to alkaline water. It might not be ideal for daily hydration for your skin, but it does bring some benefits to the table, hands down. Read into as many sources as you can to form a better idea on the topic, I guess, and don't fully substitute tap or bottled water (that you previously filter, please!) with alkaline water.

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