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I scar even though i dont pick at all

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So hello everyone, this is my first day on this site, i have checked it and thought that here is a great place to discuss these things. So a little bit about me, im a 20 yo male, i struggled with acne since 13 -14 yo, its was never that bad, until the begging of 2020 ( when i started going to the university). It was awful, really bad breaking out every day, huge dark pimples. I never got Any pimple on my forehead before this misery. They say its the stress and hormones, i dont really care anymore i just want to be done with this.. 

so im now in my first month on accutane (isotretinoin) im taking 20mg once a day, it has broken out alot but i think now its a little bit better, but the WORST THING is that im scarring from every pimple i get even though i never pick them, lol i dont even sleep on my side anymore just because im scared to pick it by accident..

and btw i cleanse and moisturize and use sunscreen every single day, twice or 3 times a day and i have been drinking fair amounts of water.

anybody had this problem? Or some tips , glad to hear your thoughts about this 

thank you :)



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Scarring is normally a genetic thing. Some people have a prolonged inflammatory reaction and end up scarring. 

Isotretinoin has very little evidence behind it for how it affects scarring, so whether that is affecting it or not is really unknown. 

Mostly what you can do is what you're doing...don't pick. 

But also, you can take fish oil, which can help with wound healing (as long as your doc is ok with it while you're on isotretinoin), and you can also keep your skin where it's scarring out of the sun when possible. If you want to really go the extra mile, do some deep breathing or meditation every day to get your stress down so you are healing as well as you can be. 

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On 3/17/2021 at 7:39 PM, Caitlin W said:

Half apple cider vinegar and half water helps with scarring 

How so?

Hi. Please don’t use lemon. It’s extremely abrasive for the skin and will damage it, especially if you go out in the sun. Lemon changes the PH of your skin and makes your skin more prone to scarring, hyperpigmentation and much more sensitive. I know this from experience when I was foolish enough to use lemon because I saw someone promote it on a YouTube video many years ago and it wasn’t until my skin became unbearable that I went to see doctors and they had informed me lemon is extremely acidic to apply externally on your face. Please be advised and seek professional assistance by consulting with a dermatologist which is usually free of charge for the first consultation. 

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