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How long should i wait to apply make up again once i start the regimen?

I am starting my regimen treatment next week wednesday. I am excited to try it out due to the success stories i came across. I will share with you my journey to clear skin. 

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Take this from me, I am 100% clear and 95% scar(redness, no pock marks) free because my acne then was between the range of mild-moderate. Could've had severe acne but I took care of it as soon as my face became a problem. I've been using the regimen since then for 5 months now and the whole time I was using the regimen, I still had make-up on and I had it on heavy actually. My acne would clear up faster for me if I had left my face alone without anything on in general but I chose to have it on because, well I was insecure to go outside with dozen or more pimples on my face and they weren't even small. Currently I am still a student at a university and I also work at the same time so yeah I had to go through those covering-my-face-with-makeup everyday. I can tell you this right now that it did feel better to have makeup on when my face is in process of clearing up but at the same time sucks because it felt irritating and uncomfortable. It felt like I wasn't letting my face breathe. So in this case, it is up to you and mainly what is comfortable for you and what you feel is best and works for you. It is recommended to lay off make-up for a while until your skin is good to go and again, your skin heals faster that way. I chose to be patient with it by wearing make-up and I am not here to convince you to use make-up while on the regimen. I am just telling you from my experience with it and again, what you feel is comfortable for you and you can't be too careful. Everybody's skin works differently and while the regimen worked for me whilst having make-up on at the same time, it is guaranteed that it'll work the same for you. 

I am curious on what your skin currently looks like but it is totally okay if you don't feel comfortable to do so. It would help us determine an answer you really need but yeah, other than that good luck luv! I am putting a lot of faith and hope for you ♡ 

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