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Over 3 years on regimen and it stopped working(PHOTOS) HELP

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Hello everybody, first of all, excuse me for my english, because it's not my main languange. I had acne since I was 15 years old I think, now I'm 27. Tried quite few things, but nothing helped, until I found this acne regimen and it actually worked and brought me pretty damn good results. So, I have been using acne regimen for over three years now. When I got to the point, when I was happy with my skin, for some reason I decided to use BP and moisturizer once a day, because it was drying my skin, even if I used more moisturizer. After some time, my skin started getting bad again, so I came back on using regimen twice a day and it doesnt clear me up like it did before. Now after washing face with cleanser, it dries my face real bad and it is super tight, then after applying bp it does the same thing, cant even open my mouth widely, because my skin around my mouth would break. Then it's time for moisturizer, after applying it my face looks so dark/burned/red and no matter how much of it I apply, it would not help for skin around my mouth, so I cant even eat properly, because once I open my mouth more, skin around just break/cracks and looks like a dead white skin around.

I have been checking the forum and thought, that maybe my acne changed to fungus acne, cuz I can see some of the symptoms like dandruff and itchy scalp, my tongue looks kind of white, sometimes I get some pimples on my scalp aswell, so I am lost on what is going with my skin now. Any advice/help are more then welcome.

There are some pictures, of how my skin looks like and it wont go any better, no matter I use regimen once or twice a day. It does get a lot darker/red during the day or when I'm at work and it is oily aswell. When I wake up in the morning, it doesnt look that bad, but it is matter of minutes and it starts going red. Not sure if I said everything what I wanted to say, but that is it for now. Will edit the post if something comes back in my mind, what needs to be added aswell. Thanks!





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Hello Admin, 

I would love to hear how he solves the issue of the product not working anymore, so could you kindly put an explanation here or forward me to the webpage that talks about what to do if the product stops working? :)

All the best,

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I am not using this regime, but I also felt that after 1 year Benzoyl Peroxide also stopped working for me too. Despite it originally clearing my skin completely 

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