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What kind of therapy should one go to with acne scarring?

Not necessarily because of acne scarring but because of the emotional reasons of developing acne/scarring



ps: yoga works buy only temporarily, if i see myself in a very bad lighting it comes back, how do I learn to deal with it? 
Should I go to therapy just only cause of this?

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Hey @rakimaki99, I'm sorry you're going through this.

This is a great topic you've brought up. Yes, everything is temporary. How you feel now may not be the same as how you feel in the next month, or day, or hell, even second, and that's okay. But that does not mean everything you do comes to naught. Everything you do WILL change something in you. Every visit to the derm, a yoga session, a session at the therapist, and I shall add, writing a journal, or hiking, or animal rescue, ANYTHING changes you. Something grows. In this forum, many may think "collagen", but that something could also be muscles, health, maturity, friendship and love. It could even be savings.

So how do you deal with it? Small goals, small daily doals - a small goal that always answers "What will change in me today?"

Should you go to a therapist? Yes, but only if you want to. You asked " just only cause of this?" Hey, you are not a "just". Your problems, if they affect you, are not a "just". They are important 'cause you ARE important.

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