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Sherry West

What can i try next for my acne?

Hi, i am a 18 year old guy. I have had acne since i was 12 years old. My acne over the years has been very inconsistent. Last year around summer time i tried antibiotics (can’t remember what) which worked for a short time but my acne later that year got horrible again. I then tried accutane for around 2 months which worked but it took a toll on my mental health. Over the years i tried different types of creams and what not. I tried quitting dairy which didn’t do that much for me. I also tried probiotics and supplements such as kimchi and also vitamin pills. My acne is still very bad and it leaves these nasty red spots and i hate it.

i now have come to a point where i don’t not what to do anymore. My brother has the same type of acne and he has stomach issues which he thinks its IBS. i now seem to have trouble with the stomach as well. We most likely inherited this from our dad. And right now i am taking B5 pills because i read/seen a lot of people hyping this up. But so far i don’t see any result. Is there anything i can try or any suggestions?



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Try and find a good nutritionist that’s up to date on research and look into SIBO to see if you may have that. 

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Things to try....

1. Take probiotics daily.

2. Take a high strength zinc tablet daily.

3. Don't masterbate, Ever. Keep those hormones in check.

4. Give up all soaps, moisturisers etc. Wash your face twice a day with water and your hands. Same as your body in the shower.

5. Take the water thing even further and wash once a day with normal tap water, then the second time using either carbonated water or distilled electrolyte water. ( electrolytes are the new big thing in cosmetics).

I do all these things now and my skin is generally much clearer and calmer then ever. I had 2 small white heads appear yesterday, woke up this morning they were gone. 

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