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question about best way to scale back on regimen after clearing


I just finished my 6th week on the regimen and my skin has cleared up. So I was considering experimenting with scaling back on the regimen and seeing if my skin remains clear. My main reasons for wanting to scale back are to reduce the redness which is still present even after 6 weeks (people comment that my face looks really tan) and to save time (b/c it takes a very long time for the VERY LARGE amount of moisturizer I need to use to fully absorb). 

So with that said, I have two main questions: (1) how long should my skin be clear before I start experimenting with scaling back and (2) is it better to use less bp but still apply it twice a day or is it better to use the recommended amount of bp but only once a day or does it vary from person to person? 


Any advice you have would be helpful. 

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Well the real question is how long have you been completely clear for? Meaning.... are you constantly getting a pimple from here and there ? For me, the safest way to think about is that if you haven't been breaking out for at least a month, maybe just a pimple for that whole month, you can change from one thing to another at a time and use it for a few days to a week to see how your skin reacts. I wouldn't jump from one whole routine to another because it'll defeat the purpose of you continuing to have clear skin and allowing your skin to naturally reduce the amount of redness on your face. To reduce redness faster, AHA+ from acne.org regimen is a good place for you to start with your redness journey. Has worked well for me!

As for BP,  when you are clear you don't have to use a huge amount of doze like before when you had to because of acne. And that is to also prevent dryness when you are clear. As long as you are still using BP,  you should be good

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