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Face super irritated.

I started the acne.org regimen a little over a week ago. I had mild acne and the first week went amazing! This week when I had to use the peroxide twice a day my face started to get irritated. So of course I stopped using the peroxide twice a day and switched back to once a day. I noticed in the past couple days my skin was still irritated so I stopped using the peroxide completely. It’s day 13 of the regimen and my face is red and a little swollen and it itches so bad!!!!!! And sometimes it feels hot. I can’t ignore the itchiness. It’s very annoying. Anyone experience this? What should I do? What can I do to relieve the itchiness and redness???? Help plz! 

Here’s some photos from yesterday image.jpg.c1668231bc71e3403c15f559317eda69.jpg



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redness and irritation is part of the process using the regimen, especially you are still new at it. Overtime as your skin starts get better, whatever you're feeling from the BP subsides and your skin gets accustomed to the BP. Also did you start out with pea sized and worked your way up each week on the BP? If you start your BP with a huge doze that could be one problem as to why you are feeling this. However if the feeling continues for a while, chances you might be allergic to BP which really is a very low chance and less common to even be allergic to it.

The process of using the whole kit of the regimen is not going to be really easy. It's gonna a suck for a little. It is recommended twice a day to use the regimen but once a day is fine and should be enough to work its way to clear your skin. Also to prevent excessive dryness, a lot of the moisturizer needs to be used and to keep your skin balance from dryness, they recommend using their jojoba oil and using at least three drops of it mixed with their moisturizer. So... yeah keep pushing through :D 

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