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Beating Acne through Diet

Method of getting rid of Acne by Dietregime.


Hello good day here is a effective method of getting real clean skin from Acne that i used/using on myself.


In my experiences Acne is directly caused by the food you eat and what you drink.


In General said if you change your diet to a healthy one that is consisting of foods and Drinks that are free of industrial chemicals and are rightfully prepared and cooked you can beat your acne.

That im convinced through own experience bymyself over years.




1. Food choices:

In General you can eat all the foods and foodtypes. Its not about excluding a certained food like meat or plants like bread etc.

All the edible plants ,animals and fungi can be Part of your healthy acne beating diet.


The FOCUS is on choosing the foods with the smallest amount  of chemicals and other unnatural industrial parts like heavymetals or medicaments or plastic etc.

The other important Part is that the food is prepared correctly. By that i mean cooking enough or other methods of food preparation which i will talk about in a different Post.


What to avoid in general:

1. Go away from fast foods, canned foods and all the other industrial foods if you can let them away completly that is the best for you.

2. Buy fresh foods that you/your Family prepares on there own.

For example:

- Fresh Meat, Fish, eggs, milk, chicken etc.

- dried beans , lentils etc.

- bread, rice etc.

- all the vegetables and fruits, salads, or maybe wild edible plants.

- other foods aswell...


3. Quality of foods

In general its about a food being growing, raised or have lived in a natural healthy environment.

By that i mean for example plants like vegetables growing under natural conditions without industrial methods ( like chemical fertiliziers ) 

Growing in healthy earth, with clean water, good sunlight and fresh air will produce the most healthiest plants and by that the most healthiest food choice for you.

No this does not have to mean that you only buy organic, even thou its often times healthier food that from the general supermarkets ( big industrie ).

Healthy food doesnt need a label.

The farmersmarket with regional food in your city may have even better quality food from the farmer near your town for a lower price.


4. Getting a feeling for what is really good food for you.


I recommend for you the reader to ask yourself how much you want to change your skin ( problem).

If you want ro experience the positive effect of a more natural diet on your skin through diet change.

I recommend a 2 week regime consisting of the following foods:




Catched in the ocean ( NO AQUACULTURE raised fish )

From that you can eat as much as you need in my experience.

Please always look about your own understanding of your body. And dont eat something if you react allergic to eat.



Lentils are nice food because you can cook them directly without much preparation.

I recommed dried lentils cooked in about 3 1/2 Cups of water to 1 Cup of dried lentils for 30 min - 45 min.

They should be nice soft.

Its good easy food.


3. Organic Rice parboiled

I recommend about 4-5 cups of water to 1 cup of rice.

Parboiled Rice is a good choice because its better digestable.

This is because it doesnt contain the outter ahell of the grain anymore.

Parboiled Rice is a good choice for the testregime. ( i try to explain more about it in future posts )


30 min - 45 min for superior digestability and clean skin.


3. Fruits and vegetables organic or farmes market.

- For the regime i recommend mainly vegetables ( good quality as much as you want ) and not so much fruits.

4.Organic Milk/ Cheese/ Butter etc.

If you dont have problemes with milk its a okay choice for the regime.

In organic stores bought milk are a good choice.

5. Organic Meats or Wild meats

Healthy animals give healthy meat to eat. Its okay to eat.


6. Organic eggs and chicken / natural quality farmers market.

Chicken and eggs in natural quality are also okay.

7. Drinking only water

Avoid tapwater as much as you can and try to choose a good quality watet without sugar or other things in it.

8. Avoid sugar and candy for this amount of rime.

9. Avoid all the industrial foods and fasd foods for that rime.



In my experience a good difference can appear in a few days if your body has clean foods inside that he will clean his skin byhimself 

It could be that you get a first heavier reaction because your body detoxifies from toxins over the skin.


Okay that is my first Try for a Method.

I would be happy to have comments and messages expecally if someone tries it out what results he had.


I wish you all a good betterment with the acneproblemes.

All the Best Julian

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