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Using Regimen, Again

This product helped my skin a year or two ago and I was kept clear until I had Nexplanon in, which is another form of Birth Control and it is inserted in your arm. When I had it, I noticed the first three months, I slowly broke out from one pimple a week to two a week and slowly increased after that. Then the 8th month with that birth control in my arm, I kept breaking out, now four pimples. Between my time with nexplanon in my arm, I switched up products slightly. To cetaphil products (cleanser and moisturizer) and BP in between. Then went back with cleanser and moisturizer from the acne.org regimen shortly after because I thought it might solve my 2-3 break out problem. Turns out not... and plus I wasn't using the regimen as instructed only because I had clear skin and lost track of how it was supposed to be properly used. The only solution I thought of for the regimen to work is to remove that nexplanon out of my arm. 


On the 9th month(second week of that month) was when I decided to have that stupid birth control removed from my arm. The doctor wanted me to use the mini-pill to cure my pimple problem (Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol) from Lupin BC company, not yaz. I used it for a week and a half and stopped because my face worsened now is acne instead of just 3-4 pimples. Now I don't have anything to take, not birth control, nothing because my plan from that point on was to only use the regimen as instructedagain to clear my acne.


Stupid mini-pill the doctor suggested after taking that nexplanon out.. I was breaking out like crazy, mainly located on my right side of my face and my jawline included from that side. The left side of my face wasn't too much of a problem until a little later.


This is now my 10th month. Keeping track of how long I've been using the regimen (properly) it's been 2-3 weeks and right now I am still sort of breaking out. I had tiny little bumps and well, they weren't as visible and as much of then as before. Good sign ? Currently, I still have acne. I have some pimples laying around on my face and hasn't reached the surface yet.. they call it lingering. Some are left as dark visible scars. My forehead and my chin is doing well, has been anyway, however both sides of my face, mainly the right side isn't looking quite well currently. I least likely get big awful pimples... it comes out out of nowhere when it wants to. How annooyyyinggg...


I've noted my time using the regimen properly again...

- I can feel the stinging sensation with the BP and moisturizer (again, currently and first time in a while) which is a good thing, feels like it was burning my face but not to the point where it takes away my focus on anything else other than how my face was feeling

- dryness, flakiness and im waiting for my jojoba oil to deliver in less than a week of shipping

- less tiny tiny little bumps

- Might be just using the regimen once a day to avoid dryness, but if the jojoba oil is doing the trick to keep my skin balanced, twice a day most of the time will it be 


So, again and currently, I am still sort of breaking out, not like crazy or anything... and I am still hoping in a few months it'll get better. I am trying the best I can to not smoke too much (weed). Luckily, I don't have neck, chest and back acne problems. Not even under my face which I am grateful for the very least...


for all questions..

Q:How do you know it is the nexplanon birth control being the root of your acne coming back?

A:Research, especially going into their own website and their side effects included ACNE. And also the time I had it is when I slowly started to get pimples. VERY slowly

Q: How do you know your second BC (Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol) option isn't for you?

A: Research, little pimples started to make an appearance, and looked at what other else (Progesterone or whatever that is) they had in the mini-pill that made me thought otherwise. Plus I am not going to depend on the pill to stay clear. It is a hassle... for me. And 50/50 it'll work...


The whole point into this thread is that I want input into this, advice, educate me regardless or give me hope. I have mild-moderate acne as we speak.... thank you for reading.


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Let me start off by saying that I am not an advocate for birth control because it is unhealthy for the female body. I have battled birth control since I was 21, as in that was when I got off birth control for the first time. It took me about three months and then BAM, I had severe acne. I went from beautiful clear skin to getting sometimes fifteen new pimples per day. It was hell. 

I didn't get back on birth control because I felt like it made me a little crazy and I knew that I would eventually find something that would help my skin. I finally got on the regimen and my skin was completely cleared and scar free after 7 months. I eventually got married and had two babies back to back. Suddenly, after my second, my hormones were freaking out on me. I felt upset all the time and my periods were torture (vomiting, cramps so bad I couldn't stand, anger like no other). I also started getting hormonal acne, which hadn't been able to get through the BP for YEARS. I thought I had a cyst on one of my ovaries or that something was seriously wrong with me. I went to see my OBGYN whom I loved and was with me when I had both of my children, so I trusted her implicitly. Her solution was only one....to put me back on birth control. She said it would help mask my symptoms and make life easier to deal with because it would better control my periods. I told her I didn't want to get back on and she said I could either stay off and deal or I could get back on and feel better. So, I got back on. Sure, it helped a little. My periods weren't quite as bad. I was only throwing up every three months instead of monthly. I was only getting one pimple per month instead of 4-5. But after a year and a half I knew it wasn't REALLY helping me. So, I got off on my own. My acne came back worse, but some of my other symptoms didn't seem so bad anymore. I know this sounds weird, but my mom sees a natural hormone doctor and he told her that our bodies hormones naturally change about every 5 years. I swear to you it was around that point when I could feel my body changing again and life got a little easier. MY POINT is that all birth control does is MASK your symptoms. Its like a band-aid. It doesn't fix you, it just covers up what is wrong and then confuses the crap out of your body. 

Doctors use birth control as a fix it all. Birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy only. If that's your only option, then yeah birth control is your only option. I sure didn't want to get pregnant when I was a teenager and so birth control was very useful. But as an adult that didn't really care either way, I didn't need birth control to prevent pregnancy. All I used it for was to cover up my problems. Using birth control to prevent acne is, in my opinion, a big mistake. The acne will come back as soon as the birth control is gone. And some birth controls cause acne, like implants. Your body freaking out on you, producing acne, is telling you that something is wrong. Something isn't balanced. The fact that you are using birth control to prevent acne tells me that something is going wrong inside your body. Acne runs in my family, so I am fairly certain that I am going to have acne no matter what. The regimen fights that acne for me every day and it works, without needing birth control. The regimen doesn't always fight my hormonal acne. I break out on my chin 7-10 days before my period and 2-3 days after every single month. I have started educating myself on how to regulate my hormones better, therefore having less hormonal acne that the regimen just cant fight. 

I am 30 now and will never get back on birth control again. 

I have a reading suggestion for you. It is called Beyond the Pill by Jolene Brighton. She explains all of this so much better than me. And she helps you get off birth control in a way that your body wont freak out....like producing acne. 

I don't know if weed causes acne, I am going to say that it likely doesn't. What we both know is that the regimen can clear acne and will keep it clear if used properly, so just stick with it. 

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Yeah, well in my case the birth control implant is the reason why I started to break out again, let alone the mini-pill made it worse because I took it right away after my implant was out which I was told to do so if I wanted to. Bad idea, at least for me. And I don't want to depend on pills for clear skin so minus that, I am now only using just the regimen. No BC, no antibiotics, no nothing. I'm hoping my plan is leading me to have clear skin in a month or two. Hormonal acne is my big issue right now. I am breaking out mainly on the lower part of my cheeks especially the right side of my face and there is this one area on my jawline that likes to stick around.. and I know the regimen battles hormonal acne longer. Thank you for your input, I will continue to have high hopes on the regimen with my skin. 

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Ok i will update you


my skin is a loot better and softer and clearer. I am currently on my period and I broke out only two pimples during it so far. Usually you start breaking out a lot and getting cramps before your period comes out, at least that is how it works for me. The hormonal area which was mainly located on my jawline stopped being a problem because usually that area is hard to get rid of. I still use make-up tho lol some things I can't keep my hands off. Currently, I only have two pimples. I know I'll break out but now it takes a few days for a new one to form, but the process of me breaking out has been getting slower! I think I have came to the conclusion that birth control was the problem for my skin and the regimen worked ever since I stopped taking any forms of birth control. My next move in this that maybe in a month or two, I am planning to get birth control again however I'm going to get the one that doesn't include the side affects of having acne seeing that I have not grown out of acne yet. What I mean by not growing out of acne is that I have a good chance of having it again if I am taking any medications on something or like having birth control that mess around your hormones 

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