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Aggessive cycstic acne - Journey of curing the acne and dealing with scars

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Hi everyone 


So out of no where, I began to have cystic, terrible acne.. just randomly when I was 18. God, that destroyed my self esteem but that’s besides the point.


i lost a lot of facial mass because of it, primarily on my cheeks and forehead. I’ve uploads photos to show the process I went through:

1st photo: the worst the acne got

2nd photo: the acne after using Epiduo (really just burned the outer layer of my skin and didn’t fix the acne at all)

3rd photo: My face after two months of accutane (I was prescribed for 5 months but it affected my liver and I stopped)

4th photo: after v beam laser and a sh*tty chemical peel ($760) in Calabasas. The v beam did fix hyper pigmentation I had, some parts of my face were kinda brown and yellow toned.


now after all this, I was left with these weird scars that made me look kinda old. Looked like wrinkles and it was just weird. 

5th photo shows the details, I came to the conclusion on my own that they’re called rolling scars.


I did a lot of research on subscision, doctors only told me an expensive as* laser treatment (fraxel) would fix it. NO ONE said a thing about subsicion to me. Thanks dermatologists.



i went to a doctor and told him to fix this for me, if you’re reading this I imagine you understand the pain and frustration this sh*t can be, along with awful doctors that suck our money dry. I just want to have perfect skin, damn it!

he agreed to do the subsicion with a bellafill, which he stated is a filler that never goes away, cool.


heres my face after one week (last two photos). Now, I have weird discoloration and even a yellow like tone. Any advice on this? I’m writing this to show my journey but also I did spend $1450 on this and really pray it’s worth the money. I’m kinda sad because I don’t like the weird scars I’m having after the procedure.

ALSO: suggestion no one talks about:
I decided to do laser hair removal on my face, i no longer wanted even those tiny little facial hairs everyone has - i felt like doing so I would actually get less acne, and to be honest, its helped alot. Make up goes on smoother, my daily facial routine is more noticeable too. I highly recommend. I think hair traps dirt and oils and stuff so removing it may have helped me have less pimples.








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@op good for you! Keep updating. Some pictures in odd, indirect lighting would help too. Overall you have good skin tone. Just go easy and don't do too much all at once. 

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