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How I got clear - hormonal acne

Hi Everyone 

During my long (10 year plus) battle with acne, I always swore that when I got clear - I would come on this forum to let everyone know how I did it, in the hopes it might help someone else. I used to scroll through these forums endlessly searching for tidbits that might help me clear my skin. 

For some background, I am a female in her 20's and I suffered from hormonal acne everytime I tried to stop the birth control pill. On the pill (Diane 35) my skin was always clear, but everytime I went off the pill I would have to go on Roaccutance, antibiotics, or Retin A etc. 

I have finally gotten clear (just left with scarring) and this was what helped me: 

1) Cut out dairy, sugar, gluten, alcohol and nuts. I wish I could still eat these things because I love them, but every time I attempt - I just break out again. 

2) Swtiched to a high fat, low carb Keto ish diet. This helped me control my blood sugar levels and insulin. This was a big one, even when I was eating dairy free, gluten free etc - I was still consuming a carb heavy diet that was sending my blood sugar levels crazy which was messing with my hormones and causing me to break out. 

3) I put on some weight - might not be applicable to everyone - but I was underweight, skipping meals and exercising too much which again, was messing with my hormones. 

4) Maca powder got my cycles regular again - which helped the hormones - which helped the skin

5) Nordic Natural Cod Liver Oil (this made the biggest difference) and zinc tablets everyday. Also I took the Beauty Chef Glow probiotic drink everyday

6) Finacea gel topically once a day - took about 4 months to see a difference on this. Patience is key.

7) Only washing my face once a day with Cetaphil, then putting Finacea gel on, then Cetaphil moisturizer. Nothing else. Washing twice a day just irritated my skin. 

8) I stopped having long hot showers, and try to keep hot water away from my face. I also moisturize my entire body after every shower so the skin on my body doesn't get dry causing my brain to send messages to overproduce oil. 

9) I sleep on a fresh pillowcase every second night (I sleep on one side one night, then flip it and sleep on the other side another night - so I'm always on a clean side)

10) When I'm having a breakout I wash my makeup brushes after every use. I put Mario Badescu's drying lotion on spots. 

11) I find mineral sunscreens dont break me out (zinc based ones) but the chemical based sunscreens break me out.


I hope that helps some people suffering out there, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I know how much acne took away from my life. I finally have my life and my confidence back. 

Stay strong and be kind to yourself, you will also get through it. 



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I feel like I could nearly have written this!

I also find that Nordic fish oil makes a massive difference, as well as finacea in the morning. I was lucky that Differin in the evening sped up the clearly dramatically too! When I eventually stop sing Differin, will use Azelaic acid twice a day.

Sound advice above, thank you for sharing!

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