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ROSACEA? PIMPLES? (Scalp, face, neck upper back) Might be SILICONE allergy or irritation!! (Please Read!)

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Hi, just hoping to get the word out there to the medical and science world.  It seems that no one realizes that DIMETHICONE and TRIMETHICONE are REALLLLLLLY horrible for some people's skin.  I look it up online and it says safe enough for babies.  But I would feel so sorry for any baby who is having the same reaction that I have to these silicones in the creams and moisturizers.  Please know, that my own dermatologists just assumed I had rosacea for nearly 20 years.  They put me on a daily regimen of minocycline antibiotics for that entire time, (YEARS without stop) because nothing could stop the acne on my scalp , face, and upper back.  I had itchy, inflamed skin at all times.  It was not until nearly 2 decades passed that I bought a cellulite gel, and the one and only ingredient was dimethicone, I put it all over my legs and strangely started to get itchy and pimples on my leg/ thigh.  I normally do not have pimples there.  

I told my friend who is a biochemist about this phenomenon and also about my other inflammation and pimples at 40 something years old, on my face, scalp and upper back, and he suggested I look at my other bottles of hair products and skin products and makeup to see if this ingredient was in there.... SURE ENOUGH IT WAS!!!!  It was in my hair conditioner, shampoo, detangle mousse, face moisturizer, makeup, hairspray and more.   And he suggested trying one week without any products that contain DIMETHICONE.  and I began to completely HEAL!!  WHO KNEW!!???  It was nearly 20 years of being diagnosed with ROSACEA (when it was NOT), it was simply a reaction to the irritation of silicones especially Dimethicone and Trimethicone, and since then, I have learned several other names for silicones, and they are irritating as well. I have to try to find products without silicones, constantly searching for them.  Please at least mention that "some people have allergic reactions or inflammation or breakouts/ rash"  what ever to these silicones, because other people out there MIGHT be like me... paying doctors to treat a totally misdiagnosed problem such as Rosacea, because they just don't know that SILICONES are not safe for everyone's skin.  They are not taught that anyone has a reaction to silicone.  BUT THEY DO!!!!

THERE ARE OTHERS out there who I have since recently discovered online writing blogs and mentioning in comments about how silicone products make them break out and itching too.  So I am realizing that I am not the one strange case of this.  Please do help others by mentioning it irritates and inflames skin.  The so called "Sensitive" products out there, market to those who worry about perfumes in the formula.  I can handle perfumes in the formulas.... they do not irritate me.... ONLY THE PRODUCTS with SILICONE do.  For example, I bought, "SENSITIVE" dove antiperspirant spray for women.  I get so red and itchy under my arms when I use it!  But I do not want to sweat... so I have to keep using a DIMETHICONE spray under my armpits each day.  Can someone please make an antiperspirant that is DIMETHICONE FREE and SILICONE free??  I do not want to have wet armpits at work, but yet, no one makes a so called sensitive product for folks allergic to silicones.  I am not going to use an all natural CRYSTAL rock deodorant , it will NOT work as a REAL ANTIPERSPIRANT will.  HELP!  Thank you for your time and any attention that you can give this matter.  Please help others know that one possibility of their pimple break outs, inflammation, and itchy skin might just be silicone.  Thank you.

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Been hunting for silicone-free beauty products, please list any that you have found that work.  Hope to find some more good ones!  Thank you!

I recently tried OLAPLEX hair product that is supposed to seal down hair cuticle and make hair "repaired" from within.... but I dare say... I think whatever the chemical is in Olaplex that smooths....( just like dimethicone smooths hair and skin so well).... I believe I might be reacting to it too!  I do not know yet, what the ingredient in Olaplex is that is the smoother/cuticle sealer... but I will continue to investigate it.  It does make your hair look better, shinier and smoother, but so does dimethicone.  I am wondering if anyone else has noticed breakouts on scalp and hairline and neck after using Olaplex treatments?  Please let me know?  Thank you.


STILL HUNTING for skin, hair, and beauty care without silicone.  Hoping to help someone else out there who might be unknowingly reacting to silicone!  You can do a one or two week test on yourself making sure none of your products have silicone in them, but you must google each ingredient in your product, because silicones are going by tricky new names, that don't sound like silicone, such as "siloxane" words and others.  

Here are some silicone-free hair and beauty products I have tried that are pretty good:  (hope this helps someone out there suffering from itchy, inflamed, broken out skin caused by silicone)

LING DNA moisturizer for face

LING replenishing hydrator for face

EMBRYOLISE moisturizer for face

TOO FACED 3-in-1 primer, setting spray, refresher for face


HEROINE MAKE Super Waterproof Volume & Curl Mascara (NOTE: must by their special remover to remove the mascara or it will STAY ON!)

HEROINE MAKE Waterproof Mascara Remover

SHEA MOISTURE High Porosity Shampoo

SHEA MOISTURE High Porosity Conditioner Masque

SHEA MOISTURE Coconut detangling spray

MAUI Shampoo & Conditioner

AHAVA Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Body Wash





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Dimethicone etc. can encourage growth of candida, which is a fungus. This is probably why the pimples are occurring with olaplex. Candida causes acne like symptoms.

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