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30yr old Female Horrible Sebaceous Filaments

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Hey y’all,

ive had acne my whole life. It’s genetic. The earliest memories I have of my mom is her gouging plugs from her face and by the time I was 13 I was doing the same. My skin has improved from birth control pills, but due to harsh side effects I had to stop. retinol has been very helpful, but I still have flare ups!

My issue is the type of acne I have.  My pores produce HUGE sebaceous filaments that get inflamed. After a shower I will use a black head remover and the hugest plugs attached to hair will come out. They’re painful and deep. Of course I can ignore this and not extract but eventually the plug would get so big and it’ll get infected regardless! Ugh. 

I get these on my cheeks, forehead, and really severe around my mouth area. 

I know these are not blackheads, they’re really hard and not soft as a Whitehead. 

Seriously I’m 30 and so distraught from having this issue since I was a teen. I eat a clean diet and my skin products are organic and work 70% of the time. However the other 30% is soooo horrible and these plugs are so big I’m embarrassed to talk about it.

Does anyone have issues with sebaceous filaments like these? Any advice?


Thank you!


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Hi. I hope someone has answers for you. I am flailing around myself.  My self esteem is gone. I started spironolactone and birth control 2 months ago and according to everyone,  it takes 3 months to work.  I pray every day they are right and it will kick in soon. I'm so depressed about it.

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In my experience bc did help but I had bloating and depression after 2 years of it and stopped. 

I hope so too! I’ve read a lot on this forum and people do have my skin issue but hopefully maybe a woman can give me some insight since it might be hormonal? But retinol treatments and glycolic cleansers are my savior. But I want more insight on my skin condition. Dermatologists have not really helped me understand, just write a stronger retinol prescription. 

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I had the same thing. 150mg Spiro, clean diet and sulfur wash from Peter Thomas Roth. Don't touch your face! I am trying to overcome decades of picking with self help OCD and habit audio books. Good luck to you.

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