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How to help flaky skin?

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Been on the regimen for 4 weeks and my skin is so flaky... I’ve had dry skin in the past using benzoyl but this is a new level of flaky... I just started using the jobja oil in the lotion morning and night but is there anything else I can do to get rid of this dry skin? I want to scratch it off so bad but I’m trying to be good!!




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Hey there. I've experienced flaking skin at varying times, usually as a result of a reaction to a product. The only thing that worked for me was to use a manual exfoliant first, like an oatmeal scrub (because that is also soothing), or a washcloth wetted with some moisturizer on it (and scrub gently). Once you've gotten rid of the majority of the flaking, then I'd do a honey mask or other gentle enzyme mask, and from there you will want to hydrate the skin. While oils can help, they aren't necessarily deeply moisturizing. For that I'd recommend something with hyaluronic acid, collagen etc. There is nothing I have ever found to be more moisturizing than this serum:


I really love a lot of their products, especially the moisturizers with ceramides and cholesterols. I think with all the disruption we do the barrier of our skin, it just makes sense that we would need a little extra help in replacing some of it's components. 

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