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My expericence with "cosmetics"

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I am one of the lucky few who have been released from the chains of acne.   Be it by my hygienic choices or nutritional choices.....or DNA/RNA I am one of the lucky few.  Most who suffer with acne suffer much longer than they deserve to.  While there may not be a universal cure for acne.....be not concerned.   There is no universal cure for cancer and yet....there are countless human beings who are stopping it in it's tracks and even reversing it via natural methods.  Without the use of Chemo Therapy or radiation.  

Acne is not something one can understand unless one has lived with it.  Walking down the halls of your school, feeling like you are being judged every second.  Walking through the mall ashamed to make eye contact with anyone around you.  Constantly thinking of methods or treatments you haven't tried that you are dying to try because of the promises those brands have made to you.

Well?  I have a secret formula that will kill acne in it's tracks.  Regardless of the skin type, age, or gender.  And for only $9.95 it can be yours.  Actually.....it's free.  It is this website.

I cannot honestly believe that these forums still exist.  They are not profitable.  For those looking to gain a profit from acne sufferers.  Yet this site still thrives in regards to it's community. 

I am going to summarize my acne "cure" in a quick minute and be done.   And I am going to recommend everyone scour this site for every bit of info they can find.

While in high school, I got a few red bumps.  Started using face washes and topical treatments.  Situation got worse and worse.   Diet was complete garbage.  Four years later I began only using green tea bags on my face at night without a face wash.  At this time I began consuming many more cooked vegetables, pure whey protein, some raw fruits, and vitamins such as niacin, vitamin D, Vitamin A, and a mineral supplement.  I started doing more cardio.  I stopped shaving with a blade and switched to an electric.  I started begging God to rid me of this affliction. 


I no longer wash my face.  I no longer apply toners of any kind, even homemade.  EVERYTHING I do is internal.  If your hormones are out of whack.....there's an app for that.  Have too many androgens?  Start drinking peppermint and licorice root tea.  Male or female, i would not consume soy.  Zinc gluconate is great for balancing hormones.  Umm.....Burdock root tea is a great blood cleanser......as is red clover......ginger root tea is anti-inflammatory.....turmeric......white willow bark......all of these and many more are great when used in an herbal brew as a nightly treatment.


Girls I do not envy you.  As a male I never wore makeup.  I put my acne on display and it hurt....alot.   I suffered emotionally.  It was painful physically.   I still have physical and mental scars. 


To those of you searching for an answer....thank the maker you have this site at your disposal.  I have learned so much form fellow members it is unreal.  Message them.  Ask them what they did that made any ounce of difference in their acne.  They will help you.  If they are not total douches. 


There is a cure.  And it is this community.  DO NOT EVER STOP.....pursuing a cure.  You WILL find yours.  Have patience.  Thank God for your life, even if it sucks right now.....and you will find a way to beat this



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