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*PICS* Help me figure out what's on my face!

Here's a little background about me, I'm 17 years old, female and have suffered with acne for over 5 years now since I was 12 and a half years old. I've always had acne on my cheeks and a bit on my forehead. The forehead looked much worse until I quit eating too much dairy (milk, ugh!) a year and a half ago. Right now my forehead is pretty okay except for the random pimples and bumps. I also make sure my dandruff is under check as that's also a contributing factor to my forehead acne. I'd been to 3 dermatologists, the first one gave me just Cetaphil face wash and a  topical that I never actually stuck to it as I hated Cetaphil. The topical wasn't of much help either. The second dermatologist prescribed me a few antibiotics and another gentle face wash. Initially when I was on antibiotics my skin did get better but since my mom was wary about me eating antibiotics I stopped it after a few doses. Now that I look back my acne wasn't the worst but I did have big ugly whiteheads/pustules on my cheeks the whole darn time. It was frustrating to walk around with a face full of whiteheads and it wasn't actually nice when my friends made fun of my acne. So here's when all of internet search started. I researched a lot about acne, from home remedies to Accutane, YouTube  videos in curing acne to life changing miracle stories, I had devoured all that I thought could help me in some way or the other. Sure improving my diet and cutting out dairy was of some help but wasn't good enough. This was when my mom and I realized that I hadn't got my period. I had a bit of bleeding when I was going to turn 15 but apart from that there was nothing else. This concerned my mom and together we visited a gynecologist and was diagnosed with pcos. I never saw that coming. I had hormonal imbalance, hirsutism, acne but cysts on ovaries? Thank God my ovaries were alright devoid of any sort of cyst. So she put me on some sort of pill (no not bc) for my period for 6 months to track my cycle.this when I had started exercising and eating clean. In retrospect,  I was eating recklessly though my dad had warned me against eating too many chocolates/sweets. Oh fun fun: my dad had acne and has severe acne scarring. My mom didn't have acne as a kid(my brother is lucky with that, not much acne!). Coming back to my gyn, she told me do some blood tests and of course my androgen levels were high along with a bit of cholesterol (no worries) and since then I've been working on lowering my testosterone (struggle!). But nothing has been abating my acne. In fact it seems to get as the years pass by. Honestly I've never had to deal with painful cysts but only full blown pus filled pimples accompanied by redness. This shit pisses my off. Everyday I wake up with a new whitehead. Even if my skin looks clear in the morning it will end up with some bump ready to turn into a head over the course of the day. Can't my turmoil end. All that I'm asking for is clear skin and is that too much? Fuck acne and fuck my stupid body for its messed up hormones. I've not had my period naturally and stopped the pill a year back. I'm in my last year of senior high and pressured to do well. I sleep well and eat relatively healthy. I try to maintain an active lifestyle as much as possible. Speaking of my acne, I don't get pimples on my jawline. It's mostly on my cheeks sometimes  on my forhead, chin and temples. My cheeks are constantly red and irritated. I even have mild scarring on both cheeks and forehead.I have a bit of excessive hair on my face and have oily skin.  I just want this to stop. I'll be going to college in less that 6 months and don't want this pizza face. Googling led me to know about benzoyl peroxide and since I was desperate my third derm prescribed benzoyl peroxide facewash and topical cream But I didn't use it consistently either. I do use the BP gel whenever I have a flare up but the BP facewash is a pure disaster for my face. Every time I use it I get tiny whiteheads all over my cheeks the next day. I'm running out of options and my acne isn't getting better. I cry all the damn time whoever I'm alone that doesn't mean I'm not social. I've got a good friend circle and avoid talking to boys as I hate them seeing my face. Apart from that I'm cheerful and gregarious. But slowly this acne is preventing me from going out and makes me stay indoors most of time. I try cutting classes too. I just want it gone before my confidence hits rock bottom and be able to go back to my former self. 

I'm open to any kind of suggestions  and advice and tips on healing my acne. After all I'm tired of hating the person I see in the mirror. I'm attaching a few photos to show how my acne actually looks like. I know it's not severe and I'm thankful for that but still it's not comfortable to look at my face. 







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