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Every day seems to be a battle

It seems so unfair.  I have given up dairy, gluten, eggs, many processed foods, coffee....I take a gazillion vitamins and supplements. I have stopped touching my face and picking or scratching.  Yet, my battle rages on. Every morning I get up with so much hope that today will be my day...the day my skin starts to FINALLY  get better. But it doesn't.  Ever. I cannot wait until each day is over to start fresh with new hope. This is no way to live. It's not living at all, only "existing ".  Any one else feeling like this? Any one feel like sharing encouragement?

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Yeah it really sucks to try so much only to be disappointed. Some of the things you mentioned is exactly what I’ve been doing for the last couple of months, But I’ve seen huge changes. I still get pimples but not every day. However when I do get new pimples it’s because I’ve been violating what I am about to share with you.

I recommend that you keep attention to everything you eat or the products that you use on your face.  Some of those vitamins can actually be coursing you to brake out. I will share my secret with you but you NEED to stick to it. Seriously. You will se huge results!

1 Wash your face with a facial sponge twice a day. Use natural soap. 

2 Use benzoyl peroxide to control future breakouts.

3 this one is the most important!

eat whole grains bread pasta etc. and don’t eat or drink anything that contains dairy including vitamin supplements. No sugary drinks. RICE is the big killer! Try to eat rice and see what happens to your face! my god I was so blind to this one! Keep attention to what you consider healthy. Some healthy foods are actually causing breakouts! I was so ignorant about this one, because hey, It’s healthy right? Not if you want to have control over future breakouts. I was so helpless before I started to keep attention to everything I ate. Oily foods doesn't cause breakouts at least not for me. French Fries is the only fast food that I eat and seriously it doesn’t cause anything bad for me. Stress is BS and has no effect on my acne. I hope this is helpful. Good luck!

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