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Quick story I was on here about three years ago when I believe I initially ran into hormonal acne? Or it may have just been that my pores were clogged & all the different products I had used on it in turn only made it worst. To push forward someone recommended I go see an esthetician I did and the detox facial did wonders for my skin. I stuck to only using cetaphil’s gentle cleanser and I was using ambi’s fade cream for my dark spots. I’m not sure if the weather has anything to do with it but I noticed my skin starting going back to what I dreaded so badly. I felt cetaphil May have been to gentle when I needed something to be exfoliating my skin as well so I went crazy with products (again) and now I am trying to find my way back to half decent skin. Any recommendations?? I plan on starting a strict routine on 2/3. I want to have a set regimen so that I may not be jumping all over the place again. My wash is going to be Cetaphil & a natural charcoal soap that works but dries me out a bit so I’ll jump between the two. I’m not sure on moisturizers because my skin is soooo hypersensitive almost everything breaks me out!!! I’ve tried Dickinson as a toner before but I was fairly dry with that too I think if I can find a good moisturizer I’d have way less issues with products drying me out. And lastly a good exfoliant? I really just wish cetaphil had a gentle line make it way easier to find products that won’t break me out for me to know they aren’t working I’ll leave some pix below of my journey and how I’m sort of back to square 2 I guess I’d say. Last picture is the my skin right now at this moment. Really dry but less active pimples I guess? Also I just got a facial like two days ago if that means anything 




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