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Facial Redness (HELP!!!!!)

As you can see from the photo itself, my facial skin and my hand (the whole body) has two different tones! I’m not sure if I was always like that, or did it happen after starting acne.org, but I assume that it’s the regimen, since before that, I never noticed such diff in skin tone, and only after using it, people started saying my face is red. Anyone has any idea what’s happening? Or anyone facing the same issue? 


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Hi, I am on week 1 on the regimen and my face looks exactly the same. 

I have very thick skin and it's usually opposite than sensitive. I've had very aggressive chemical peelings, laser and needling done in the past with very little redness post the treatments that's why I decided to start with the regimen twice a day instead of once. I saw video of Dan saying that most people can handle twice a day the first week, so I thought I am one of them. But I am definitely not!

So, I think my skin got red because I started too fast. When I apply it once a day it's ok, still red but not that red. Now I'm trying to start applying it twice a day as it's my second week but I can tell my skin isn't liking it so I am desperately reading every single word in this forum to find out when does this redness/irritation is going to end!

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I've been on the regimen for over a year and I still get red skin after applying the BP. Haven't find a solution for that yet, unfortunately... I would be glad if anyone would have any suggestions how to prevent getting red face.

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