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Hello, I'm new to the site but, I’ve read a good bit from the wonderful resources here, over the years.

I have pretty severe cystic acne scaring on many areas of my face and, I’ve never had any treatment. After  researching it for a few years, I believe that Subcision is one of the most promising scar treatments.

I'm looking to get my first subcision done by a experienced doctor in or, near the South Alabama area. I'm willing to travel, if needed.

If anyone here on this site has any recommendations, it would be really great help! 

What i have done is, started trying some micro needling with a dermapen type device that i believe is Called DrPen. Iv only spot treated with 2 sessions in different areas but i think i will need more aggressive treatment for the majority of my scarring. I wonder if Micro needling can offer any help with deep scaring like i have?


What i can honestly say is that Eating as healthy as possible does help with overall appearance but, doesn’t really help with the scars. But, i assume that consuming lots of fresh organic vitamin C in raw forms will allow the skin to not only remain elastic for as long as possible but will promote new collagen when procedures like Subcision are done.

I believe that Vitamin C is extremely delicate and when products are processed then it isn’t anywhere as effective as when its fresh.

The Top foods with Vitamin C are

1.Orange/ Yellow Bell pepper

2. Kale, 


4. Broccoli

5. Blue Berries

6. Raspberries

Oranges come after all theses with regard to Vitamin C content.

Staying Hydrated with purified water is extremely important as well as getting plenty of sleep.

Omega 3 fatty acids also play a big role in heath, due to every cell in the body needing Omega 3s around the cell wall so, i assume that upping the intake of high quality omega 3 fatty acids in the form of raw walnuts and, high quality salmon before and, during the Subcision process/ Healing process will yield the best results.


The body must receive all the nutrients and minerals, daily to be in a balanced state of health and,  that’s even more the case for us suffering with scarring and having collagen induction procedures done.


Also, the body needs daily intake of high quality unprocessed pure salt. Himalayan sea salt which contain over 80 essential minerals is concisered one of the very best salts. Celtic sea said is good, as well but the mineral content of the Himalayan salt is easily seen in the beautiful coloration of the pink crystalation of the minerals locked within the salt.

Iv also found a connection between the gut health and skin health. Maintaining healthy bowel movements will surly increase healing and promote a environment for better skin. This may be one of the main reasons that most see a positive result from eating healthy in regard to preventing acne breakouts. Soluble fiber is key.

Everything I've learned took researching for over a decade and trying everything to test results over long periods. So, i have Plenty of experience in these areas yet, i have no experience in treatments like subcision done by doctors.

 I know that i will always have scars but, i hope i can get at least some improvement with all the effort i put into this.

I'm willing to document my experience and any progress from what ever treatments i have so, i may help anyone else who suffer from the depression that acne scars cause, that most people will never understand.


 Here are two pictures with the most severe lighting conditions I could capture to show how severe my cystic acne scaring is.



Thank you for taking the time to look at this post and, may healing and blessings come into your life. 



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