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Does the Acne Regimen work on Hyper pigmented skin?

I wanted to know if the Acne Regimen kit works for Hyper pigmented skin, I have dark blotches all over my face. I thought they were scars from when my pimples healed, and as I was researching on the site, it said they are not acne scars, they are just healed and are hyper pigmented, but I've had mine for years, and they never healed. If so, if I buy the kit and it works, will I have to continueously use the kit after all of the hyper pigmentations are gone, and I just do my normal cleans and moisturize my face with another daily cleanser, or do I have to keep using this kit to make sure they stay gone along with my acne? 


thank you so much! 

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Hi Tatianap, 


Yes the Acne.org products do work in removing hyperpigmentation. They will get you completely clear and will make your skin look nice and even toned and non-inflamed. That’s what’s most important in order to prevent future hyperpigmentation and scarring. Make sure you use them diligently and you will get completely clear.

However, the hyperpigmentation itself can take several months or longer to fade. To speed this process you can add Acne.org AHA+ which will help increase skin cell turnover and allow your acne marks to fade faster. But nothing will help hyperpigmentation fade extremely quickly. It’s only time that can do that. Remember that hyperpigmentation are not scars, however, and will fade with time.

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