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Adderall causing acne

I have had acne since the age of 11.  I am 34 now.  I have been on 4 or 5 rounds of Accutane (sad that I cannot even remember how many at this point...) over the past 20+ years.  I have also been on Adderall for 15 years now.  I have not been able to figure out what exactly the cause was so I just chalked it up to genetics. I believe the acne I got around puberty was definitely hormone related. My acne stayed away for several years after I stopped the first course.  I just recently started to realize the connection of the persistent acne I have had since I started Adderall.  The light bulb didn't go off until recently, when my Adderall dosage was increased.  I noticed my acne flaring up way worse than it had been.  Long story short, the Adderall was the problem all along.  It was the reason for the persistent acne that even Accutane wouldn't permanently stop.  My acne would always come back after a few months of being off Accutane.  My acne never came back to the extreme that it was when I was younger, but it has always been persistent, with tons of closed comedones and micro cysts.  These are small pimples that resemble closed comedones but are actually cystic pimples and they would come up all along the jawline, neck, back, chest, and cheeks.   I have been off my Adderall for a week now and the pimples and oily skin are gone or clearing up.  Just wanted to give my 2 cents and experience if you have persistent acne that always comes back after numerous Accutane courses.  Check your medications!  The sad thing is that acne is not listed as a side effect of Adderall but it sure as heck has been the cause for several people (google and you can see for yourself).  It never even occurred to me that this could be the cause!  No clue what I will do about my ADHD now, but  I would rather have clear skin then deal with acne from Adderall.  Good luck to all!

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