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Should I try Differin?

Some background first:


Have had acne since I was twelve and all that (currently 28), and started using Dan's regimen around 2010~11 and have been using it since. 

I only use it once a day at night before I go to bed, though (there's just no way I could make the time to apply the stuff twice a day, not to mention all of the shirt and jacket collars I'd ruin; I care about my clothes!).

Regardless, my skin has been pretty decently clear for the past eight or so years I've been on the regimen (people often respond with, "... but what acne?" whenever I tell them I use acne medication, for example; they're not just trying to flatter me, either), and my acne was, fortunately, never that bad to begin with.  


Anyway, I've recently been seeing commercials about Differin now being available OTC, and it's kinda piqued my interest since it's a retinoid.

From what I understand (maybe erroneously, but hopefully not), vitamin A really helps in maintaining/regulating/doing away with sebum overproduction, which is what I'm pretty sure is the cause of my acne (I have very oily skin, and it's especially porous over the front of my cheeks and nose). 

I've always wanted to try a low-dose Accutane regimen for this very reason - to combat my sebum overproduction - but I've never had the money and have always been worried about the side-effects, so Differin seems like it could be the next best thing. 


So do you guys think I should try it?

Or am I wrong/being too simple-minded regarding how it'd affect my skin?

I mean, Dan's regimen is fine and all, but Differin's both cheaper and legal in Japan (which is somewhere I might move to someday), and if I'm right in both what it does and the cause of my acne being my overly oily skin, then it could be my potential cure. 



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Using differing will probably cause your skin to purge to being with. I used it to help calm my hormonal acne. For myself I didn’t make a massive difference however everyone’s skin is different.

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