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Regimen not working anymore??


ive been on the regimen since 2015 when I started I had moderate acne that started on my chin but spread to my cheeks and was very depressing It started when I was 25 and the doctors said it was hormonal. After about 8/9 months on the regimen I had completely clear skin and was over the moon I hardly ever wore Make up and felt a lot more confident. I never used the full amount of BP as dan suggested as I felt that made me break out and I always used a pea sized amount I also only used the cleanser at the start for a few weeks and since it ran out have used cetaphil  ever since.  I no longer use dans moisturiser and use simple I think that’s just a UK brand. 

After getting clear I went off the regimen for probably nearly a year and then slowly my chin acne started to re appear so I went back on it but was never as religious as I was at the start. For I would say the last year my acne has flared up on and off again so I started back on the regimen properly but still without dans cleanser and moisturiser  it hasn’t spread to  my  cheeks luckily but it is quite bad on my chin it come and goes quickly but as a red mark is fading another spot appears. My friend who had acne before told me about alovera straight from  the plant so I was using  this after my BP had dried and it cleared my skin up amazingly and really  quickly. 

Now the alovera is doing nothing and I currently have a lot  of red marks on my chin and about 3 active spots. Obviously the red marks Make it look way worse than it is. I am guilty of picking and popping my spots. 

The regimen worked so good before so I don’t understand why it isn’t working now. I’ve heard it doesn’t stop working ? 


Any help please ? 



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