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Feel like I've tried almost everything

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It doesn't matter if I eat gluten free, dairy free, plant based, or eat low fat... Whatever. There is no significant change when I cut these foods for a couple of months and when I introduce them back to my diet. It doesn't matter if I eat dark leafy greens and lots of carrots and pumpkin seeds. Eating turmeric with black pepper doesn't help much either. I believe mainly that acne can be treated with food, but I don't know anything anymore. I started using powder foundation instead of liquid, and invested in a better facial cleanser and some witch hazel. That improved my skin a little bit, reducing my "at least 20 pimples at the same time on the face" to about 5. That was last fall, but now after christmas the breakouts are coming back. I don't know what I'm doing wrong or right. I also feel like it's difficult to exclude stuff from my diet since I've been underweight since I was a teen (I'm 23, soon 24, and had acne since I was 20). I wanna eat as healthy as possible, which I do. But that usually means less calories so cutting out stuff isn't so easy because I feel like I need grains, gluten free or not, just to not lose too much weight. I don't know if I have an intolerance, and honestly I don't know how to even explore what intolerance I could possibly have. I've tried eliminating cinnamon and cocoa. I've also tried various of herbal teas such as peppermint and spearmint, dandelion, chamomile, green tea, matcha etc. A few years ago I tried eliminating night shades and spinach. Even citrus fruit. When I was in HS I used to eat a lot of gluten and grains too, but my skin was super clear. I just wish I could find out the cause one and for all!

I don't even know anymore if my acne is hormonal, or if it's caused by inflammation or whatever it could possibly be. Any tips?

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