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Acne Cure - Adding P50 1970 to Regimen

So I started incorporating Biologique's P50 1970, an acid toner, into the standard regimen purely by happenstance. My wife is super into cosmetics and I figured what the hell, wouldn't hurt to try. 

Since then I'm getting almost no breakouts whatsoever! I've had annoying whiteheads around my chin and mouth area since I was 12, now 31, and believe me have tried just about everything. Things I've learned along the way: drinking water, limiting sugar (even fruit) and dairy (especially skim milk / cheddar cheese), not eating late at night, limiting stress, getting some sun = good. Heavy workouts (especially leg workouts) can raise testosterone and trigger acne = bad. "Natural" remedies = waste of time. ANYWAY, nothing has gotten me 100% clear. I'm not sure where you get this other than online and maybe specialty cosmetics places (and it's kind of expensive) but I highly recommend trying it. I've been pigging out and eating absolute garbage around the holidays and since adding this to my routine I've been 100% clear. 

The routine: Cleanse / shave (cold water is best), dry, apply the P50 (about 10 drops into the little gauze pads and press all over face), let dry, treatment, moisturizer. 

Try it out and let me know how it goes! Hope this helps!

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I'm glad the P50 is working for you!  I am considering trying it, but I am nervous about it.  I don't use the acne.org regimen anymore but instead use benzoyl peroxide only every other night and then tazorac short contact therapy (leave on for 5 min. and wash off) on the other nights.  In the morning I use finacea.  This is the clearest I've ever been, but my hyperpigmentation and melasma have gotten so bad, so I know something might need to be improved.  Have you gotten any drier or flakey? or increased sensitivity? The reviews online sound like this stuff is magic and better than any other product out there, but so often my skin doesn't like what many others can use.  Anyways, I'd love to hear any updates you might have.

Thank you and hope it keeps going great for you!


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That’s great! I don’t feel any more dry using the P50, though my face is very accustomed to harsh BP (been using the regimen for 8 years). I do the routine once, every other night since I think once a day is overkill and can lead to excessive dryness.  I think the P50 works to balance the PH of the skin or something. Other than some very mild stinging sensation I don’t think it’s a harsh product. 

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