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10-26 and it will not stop. Depressed

26 female. Had acne since I was 10. Tried accutane twice. Spironolactone made no difference except causing me to faint. Did an allergy test and I’m intolerant to gluten eggs butter bacon. Cut it all out for over two months and no difference at all yet. My acne moves around but is mostly in the “hormonal” area. It’s traveled to my neck so that’s fun. I’m bright red normally. I never can’t wear makeup. Niacin I’m taking in heavy doses no difference yet (1 month). Everything from acupuncture to new age potions to Chinese herbs to refusing to eat at all. Nothing helps. I’ve tried DIM and Vitex which caused suicidal thoughts. Ive tried birth control. All types. I do have an implant. No doctor has helped. I’ve tried prayer. Meditation. I’ve done it all. If someone has a miracle I’m all ears. Else...what is there? What’s so wrong with me? How can there be no cure??

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Hi Fella,

My heart goes out to you. 2 years ago, I was in exactly the same place. I fully understand the desperation you feel to clear your skin. Acne affects a person so much. I fell into a deep depression and had hard time forcing myself to leave the house. I researched and tried everything under the sun, but nothing worked. I was ready to give up.

That is when I was introduced to Unblemish by Rodan and Fields. This was a complete game-changer for me. It took about 6 months for me to start seeing results, but I am so glad I stuck with it. I went from waking up each morning with 4-5 new cystic pimples to having the clearest skin of my entire life. They are seriously miracle products. I joined the company as a Consultant, so if you are interested in trying Unblemish, shoot me a message. My goal is to share amazing skin with others and to help them fall in love with their skin.

I've attached photos of my personal results as well.

Take care,



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