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Kat Sanchez

Fluoride May Be The Reason You STILL Have Acne... Here me out

This may seem kinda random but I really think Fluoride toxicity is the cause of many people's acne and the reason why some STILL haven't been able to clear it up completely even after switching to a healthier diet. This fluoride and acne connection has been gaining a lot of recognization lately mainly because of the book "The Hidden Cause of Acne" (which was extremely eye opening btw). It's about this woman who suffered from painful cystic acne all around her chin and jawline, a very hormonal place to be breaking out. After she did some digging, she finally realized that the fluoride in the water, food and toothpaste was causing her adult acne. When she stopped consuming it her face cleared up almost instantly. Others who read her book and followed her theory also experienced clear skin for the first time in YEARS. Fluoride has been found to cause an imbalance within our hormones, which could explain why the author would get horrible chin acne. This book made me question the safety of fluoride and since then I've been avoiding it like crazy. If you want more info without reading the book, watch my video where I discuss this fluoride and acne theory more into detail. 



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