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I am Allergic to benzoyl peroxide with bad neck burns!

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I started the acne.org regimen exactly a week and 3 days ago. The morning after I applied the smallest less than pea size amount to parts of my face, the next morning I woke up with huge, red and stinging eye bags.


I just thought this was a normal reaction for first-time users. I continued use once a day, a small amount, way smaller than what Dan recommends as I am generally very cautious for two more days and suddenly there was a nasty rash of hives all over my face and neck.


I stopped using the BP for a few more days and things started to dry out, I added it in once more just to be sure and man!! THE BURRRRN!!!

I have been doing a lot of research on this and so far everyone seemed to indicate that they had a good experience with mild side effects but mine was on another level or extreme. I incorporated jojoba oil but nothing seemed to ease out. Yesterday I added some sunscreen and my eyes were so nasty and stinging, I washed it off later. After 3 days of not using the BP, I read about the minimal contact method where you can have the BP on for 15-20 minutes then wash it off, I decided to try that. Silly me! Worst mistake of my 2018! I did not sleep at all, I washed my face 4 times in the night, at a point I had my head in the freezer, not helpful so I created an ice cube mask. At 3 freaking AM!

In the morning my eyes were all red and super puffy and stinging, my skin was burning, my neck was peeling and oozing a clear liquid.


That was not fun! The interesting thing is my cheeks and forehead are completely supple and ok, the areas I actually put the bp on. While my mouth that can only now open halfway, my eyes and my neck, all the places I did not touch with the bp literally have 1st-degree burns! And my skin looks so old :(


I had to see a dermatologist this morning (who said that 2.5% is too mild for the kinds of burns I got) at the price of the acne.org regimen (ambitious me got the 16 0z kit ) and now on creams, antibiotics and more tabs to cool this down. I write this from my bed, where I have spent the entire painful afternoon. Did I mention that sleeping is a mess because sweat contains salt? Yep, so is the gym. So now I am growing fat with an acne face.


I am glad the regimen worked for most, I have no smart way of advising anyone about how to identify that they have sensitive skin but I share this so that if it happens to you, you know when to stop. I will not be using any bp on my skin again, the sleepless nights, not sure are worth the glow. All the best and happy holidays!








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Hi G33kmate, 


I'm sorry to hear about your skin. Although rare, there are some cases that people are allergic to benzoyl peroxide. If you break out in hives, I would recommend that you consult with the dermatologist just to determine if you are indeed allergic to benzoyl peroxide. 

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Hey I'm sorry that happened as well! I actually did the acne.org regimen myself as well, everything worked but the benzoyl peroxide. Benzoyl peroxide was extremely drying for my skin even after following up with moisturizers, it left my skin flaky and my dark marks even darker. I would keep the recommended regimen from acne.org but replace the benzoyl peroxide, after many years of constantly using it, it has only left my skin excessively dry. 

Also if you continue to use it this means your sunscreen protection needs to be much higher then 30 SPF. Using benzoyl peroxide will only make dark marks darker as you go out and get that vitamin D. 

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