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My trauma has been buried deep for years

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I had severe body acne in my teens and up till my 40s. It was severe! I had it on my face too but not as severe. Antibiotics helped clear that up.

As of yesterday I saw how severe the scars are on my back. Now, all of a sudden I realize how severe the deep emotional and physical trauma has affected me and I know I am still not over it.

What do I do about the feelings? What do I do about the scars? I don't know if there is much help for the scars on my back, perhaps there is some. I did get a subcision and laser and prp on my face. It helped somewhat. My wife doesn't like me spending money on this sort of thing and complained. I did not follow through on the follow up procedures just to keep the peace. I am sure they would have helped a lot.

Here is my  most important point. From now on, as far as I am concerned, my procedures to look better by correcting scars, or skin, is going to be private. It's none of my wife's or anyone else's business. Any money spent on these procedures will be my money and no one else's. It's only my business!   Because only I bare the emotional and physical scars that has caused my emotions great trauma. This is my business and no one else's!

Can anyone else relate?


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I can relate! What's important to you is important to you. This is your journey through life, no one elses. 

I would say always include your wife in everything you're doing, and explain to her that it's important to you, but I love the sentiment. 

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I can relate. I'm 32 and I still have problems with eye contact.

I'm also still very much reclusive.

If I could erase my remaining scars and if I could have a hair transplant, I think I would still have these issues to some extent. It took it's toll on my mental health when I was younger.

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