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I was 15 when my first pimple popped up, my skin had always been even toned and clear. After ever possibly cleanser I finally went on acne.org regime at 16. It worked amazingly and out of being cocky I went off of it at 17. For a couple of months, I witnessed the worst breakouts ever, tiny flesh colored bumps EVERYWHERE, red inflamed cheeks, and pink pimples on my upper cheek area, forehead, chin, and sometimes on my nose. It was not so the embarrassing part, but more of the confidence lost wether with makeup on or not. After almost 6 months I returned to the regime. I was on it consistently for 1 month before I had senior hs ball and my skin was basically clear. HOORAY! Now I adjusted the regime for both summer and winter. 

In the mornings: Cleanse face with just water and tap 80% dry. Then use BP gel ( not a whole 2 pea size but whatever fits my face) . Pat it in. Lastly after around 10-15 minutes I use organic jobaba oil from traders joes and if too dry, follow up with an additional moisturizer and sunscreen

At night: ( NONMAKEUP EDITION) wash face with just water, or if feeling gross use a little bit of Johnsons head to toe wash and shampoo or simple moisturizing cleanser. Follow up with BP gel as before after tapping face 80% dry. Then before bed put a lot of jobaba oil and Vaseline on eyelids to avoid over drying. 

(MAKEUP EDITION) First on a dry face use ponds cold cream cleanser and work it in for 1-2 minutes. Then using a damp microfiber cloth, wipe makeup and cream away. Then proceed with either cleansers from non makeup edition. Continue same exact steps from non makeup edition from this point on. If you have eyelash glue or mascara use a oil based remover. 

Tips to desert dry skin : use BP gel on somewhat damp face and use Vaseline on eyelids before going to sleep so they do not get irritated or puffy. To avoid bleaching all your nice towels, rinse hands off with water after using BP gel. moisturize!! 

Fyi: I only ever buy the BP gel from acne.org, everything else is store bought 

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