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Not really, there are many plants that irritate gut microbiome, damage immune system and cause inflammation. 

Many plants also are high in sugar content, it's natural sugar, but inside the body works the same way as sugar in candy. 

Plant based diet is for sure a way better option than the average "Amercian" diet. 

If you study about plants and their world , then you should know that not all plants are willing to be eaten so easily.

Many plants have certain substances that can kill or paralyse any unlucky bug that tries to dine on them.  

Don't get me wrong - many plants are great and have good antioxidants, nutrients etc. I don't suggest to stop eat all the plants for ever, just be careful and do your research if you want to get a healthy skin. Or You can just message me and we can work a way to how to help you. 

Plant based diet It's for sure a better way to fight and get a clear skin naturally ( I don't suggest to use any medications or "magical" creams in my practice) but plant diet might not help for everybody.  

Personally plant based for me got me only more overweight and with more acne. 


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I did, I was plant based for 8 years. I was just vegetarian for 7 years of that, the result was absolutely zero change in my skin at all, then I went vegan and that's when I noticed real change, in that my skin got at least 10x worse. 

There is absolutely no logical reason as to why plant based diets would be good for your skin, vegan diets in particular are nutritionally inferior to every other diet. 

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