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How I got the regimen to work for me

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Okay, so I've battled acne my entire life. I'm 41, first few bouts with acne were in high school. Back then, I went to the family doc, he said use Phostex soap (it was just soap with BP in it) and wham, it was gone.

College, it came back, and the soap didn't work. Nothing worked. My mom took me to the doc and they prescribed accutane. Oh my goodness, so dry, like lips and face cracking dry. But it worked. But then it came back. I tried accupuncture, chinese medicine (we're asian) nothing worked. Accutane one more time, and it came back again.

Long story short, I think in 2004? I found this site, and Dan's gel. Not sure what year, but around then. I was so excited to use it. And it worked ... sort of. It helped control my acne but I would still break out, and was never clear for a long time. God forbid I forgot a treatment and I'd break out right away. So it helped tame the breakouts but I was never consistently clear. Even when followed to a Tee. But that's all I could hope for I guess.

About two years ago it stopped working. It was preventing the big acne but I was getting tons and tons of white heads all over my face. I was so distraught. I'm 39, thankfully married with children, but wtf was going on. So I researched the best treatment for white heads. AHA and BHA kept being mentioned. So I tried Dan's AHA gel and that didn't work.

I kept looking around for peels, etc. I stumbled onto a discussion about Paula's choice Salycic acid products, maybe it was on here, or elsewhere, I forget. Well I buy her SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid, and put it in a spray bottle.  I started to use it once a day with my BP gel. Boom, all the whiteheads were gone but get this, all my breakouts were gone too. I never had sustained clear skin until I added it. It was to the point where I'd not do the regimen for a day and still not break out. For me, this regimen is gold. 

I started by spraying some into the bp and applying. Then tried spraying before BP and waiting 15 minutes to apply BP (or else it was too wet and the products gummed up). I tried spraying right after BP but it also gummed up. So now I apply a very light mist and BP right after. I use half the amount of BP I did before out of necessity.  Too much and it gummed up.

Everybody is different obviously. But juts wanted to share what worked for me. I've been ordering Dan's gel for 12-14  years? I'm so grateful. But thankfully I tested/experimented. For now, this is working great for me.

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