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beautifulambition deleted my thread because I told him he was wrong

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So the said moderator deleted my thread and posts and the reason he gave is not there. He deleted it because I said he was wrong. As you will see in the saved post I was very polite when explaining to him. He tried to give me advice for something that he is obviously not competent about. And its ok but why rage-deleting the thread?

I saw the whole thread was deleted and this message i received and this is what i answered:


  On 10/25/2018 at 8:52 PM, beautifulambition said:



These are the community rules you have broken and been reported to senior MODs on. I warned you by Private Message and Publicly but you persisted. I have all the information backed up. You are doing harm to both yourself and giving illegal information to others. I tried helping you but you will not see a board certified Dr (This matter is out of my hands now):

  • No fighting. Personal attacks and bickering are not allowed. Healthy disagreement is welcomed, but do not flame ideas or another person.
  • Don't spam, troll, harass or bully other members. Acne.org does not tolerate e-bullying in any form, including posts, PMs, gallery/profile comments, signatures, etc.
  • Don't post illegal content.
  • No promoting illegal behavior.
  •  Linking to websites containing illegal or objectionable content is prohibited. 
  • No offensive content. While you may quote other members, you must remove those quotes if/when you are asked to. People who want their quotes taken down should make the request themselves. Moderators should only be brought into it as a last resort.
  • Potentially dangerous content. Any medical procedure must be performed by a qualified board-certified doctor. Do not post advice or how-tos on at-home, do-it-yourself, and/or illegal medical procedures or treatments that could be dangerous.


First he deleted some videos I linked in which it is shown before and after results and the procedure is explained. But after this last post he deleted the whole thread. A while later, when I answered that I feel its not fair and that I will contact the website owners for that he republished the thread with only a small part of the whole content, deleting even his own "warning".

In the same time I saw he deleted my other thread in which I ask which filler that my doctor offers to chose from. NO explanation for that at all and ofcourse it was a genuine question with nothing breaking the rules. I guess he just rage-deleted everything I posted because he got angry he was wrong. I have no hard feelings but I love this forum and I dont want to be forced out for no reason.

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