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Nose bumps..please help.

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Hi friends.
I am a 25 years old male who has had acne since many years.
20181026_071100.thumb.jpg.68ed103995cc9e20b179f1f640890d84.jpgSuddenly from the last 3 months I am getting these bumps on my nose(image attached).
I visited 2 dermatologists and they said these are comedones. 
please help me..I can not tolerate them. They keep on coming and going. I get a new one after 2 or 3 days. They gave me an ointment which just makes then redder. 
I have never suffered from this before.

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I am not sure if you are talking about white bumps or black bumps?

For black bumps I used a face brush every couple days or every day once a day (the one that spins, but not the most expensive one), then used pore shrinking serum, also it is important to use moisturizer or something that does not cause clogged pores (best gel based, or simply watch yours - could it be your skincare products causing this? For me it depended a lot on moisturizer). There also some nose strips or pore cleaning masks as well.

For white bumps - well, acne treatment, maybe spot treatment?

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I HAVE THESE! omg they suck! It is a particular type of acne my derm said. You can get some out and deff make them smaller by soaking your face in a washcloth w/ hot water...as hot as you can stand... and rub your face with the washcloth while it's still hot. When it cools a little, get it hot again straight away to keep the gook warm and soft as you gently scrub it out... it loosens up the sticky crap and gets a bunch out for real. I recommend using a microfiber cloth because I have had lots of times where I scrubbed too hard w/ a normal washcloth and gave my face rug burn.  I do this twice a day and spend about five minutes soaking and gently rubbing morning and night. RX Retinol cream is the usual best treatment for this, but it made my skin peel, so they put me on accutane, which totally cleared me up for about a year. Now I'm going back on it. Good luck!!! 

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