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Using BP treatment after introducing AHA+

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After a month of using the acne.org BP treatment & moisturizer with no allergic reaction, i introduced the AHA+ exfoliant to my regimen by mixing it with moisturizer and applying it before bed. This led to a noticeable complexion improvement. 
I then tried to apply BP then moisturizer mixed with AHA+ but this caused swelling, redness, and itchiness which took 3 days to heal.
Then after a week i decided to try to alternate between BP and AHA+. The first night i used BP, let it absorb then applied moisturizer. the following morning i had the same reaction, redness, swelling & itchiness. 
Has anyone else had a similar reaction to BP treatment after introducing AHA+ to the regimen? 
It seems i can’t use the BP treatment since i started using AHA+. 

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Hi SwiftBegonia,

The AHA+ is a powerful exfoliant so having a reaction to this product is normal. If your skin could not tolerate the AHA+, you may start off by mixing 50% of the AHA+ and 50% Acne.org Moisturizer and apply the mixture every night after you have applied the Acne.org Treatment. You can try this for a while and then switch back to using AHA+ full strength every 3 nights or so and see how that goes.

You may also start with a small amount of AHA+ and apply it every 2-3 nights and gradually ramp up the volume until your skin is well adjusted to the product.


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Hi, I did start with a small amount of AHA+... 50% AHA+ and 50% acne.org moisturizer. i Applied this mix before bed on 3 different nights.

on a night i didnt use AHA+, i applied the BP treatment, lets it absorb, then applied acne.org moisturizer. the following morning, my face was all swollen and itchy. it tooks ~ 3 days to feel normal again by washing my face at least 3 times a day. 

for some reason, my face is no longer able to tolerate the BP treatment but can tolerate the AHA+ and now my breakouts are back. 

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