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30yo Male, jawline breakouts only

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This is probably my last ditch effort before going to see a professional to see if there's something I'm missing when it comes to this acne.

The short of it: I'm nearly 30 years old and have persistent mild acne on my jawline and occasionally chin. I very seldom get it anywhere else on my face and can always attribute it to something when I do (ie - wearing a beanie occasionally gives me a lone pimple on my forehead). I get clear skin for sometimes 2-3 weeks at a time. But then a solid breakout (5-15 pimples on my jawline) which lasts a couple of weeks before going clear again. I wish I could say there was some pattern to it but there isn't so I don't feel like it's hormonal. So I figured I'd keep a food dairy and try to work out what was causing it. I feel like at my age it has to be dietary related as my supplements and skin care are impeccable and always have been. It seems that cocoa powder is an aggregator but not the whole problem, I haven't had it in over six months. Dairy I have cut now for two months, still no permanent fix. Sugar I keep to 50g a day. 

Is there something I am missing here? I am attempting to put on weight and without dairy and sugar I am down to a bare bones diet of meat, eggs, brown rice, fruits and nuts. I drink one double shot coffee per day. I do not smoke and I would drink once every month at most and always in moderation. I am very strict on how much water I consume as well. I should also note that benzyl peroxide hasn't really helped and that's all I could get as I don't wish to take antibiotics for it and it's not serious enough for your heavy stuff.

As I said earlier I will see a professional soon because I am so tired of cutting everything helpful out of my diet for this stupid problem. But my hope is that someone out there has an idea or maybe has had a similar problem.

Thanks either way for your time and suggestions :)

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Forgot to mention hydration and medication

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If you're almost 30, you might be like me and be one of the lucky 2% of people who never grow out of acne. Since you get acne after wearing beanies (I'm assuming you're not wearing gross dirty ones), you could just have really sensitive and reactive skin. I've known people who would just lay their face on a scratchy sofa pillow and get a breakout. Maybe you touch your chin and don't really realize it and you're getting it dirty from your hands?... It could be stress.... I know stress is a great way to get acne.. you should see me during college finals week!  It could be food or even chemicals your exposing your skin to... it could be a nutritional deficiency... Acne is complex unfortunately. Personally, I get broken out from eating tomatoes or eggs. I also have a sensitivity to fluoride and chlorine, so I go the Water Stick water softener for my shower and that has helped a bit. Unfortunately, even the dermatologist may take a long time figuring out what's causing your acne and what works for your skin, but hey, at least it's not as bad as having to keep visiting the dentist. Good luck!

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