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Acne and stomach issues

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Hello everyone!

Before we start, sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

Wanted to share my story and ask couple questions. I'm 22 y/o male, have been having acne for near 8 years. It started in the puberty and has never gone away since then. I wouldn't say that my acne is too dramatic, according to the photos and other users stories I have mild to moderate acne. Mostly, it is focused near corners of the lips and above upper lip, sometimes I have zits between the eyebrows (hate those ones the most) and occasionally on jawline and neck (mainly, after careless shaving). Analyzing my acne itself, I have to note it's pretty bad: a large number of pimples are formed under-skin, they are inflamed and pretty painful, usually it takes a couple days before the white head is shown, plus they leave nasty hyperpigmentation marks.
The strange fact, I have never had acne on my cheeks and just a couple times had pimples on my forehead.

So, here comes the first question:
1 - Does localization of acne in particular areas can mean something? 

I haven't fought the problem until last year. Once I got up and said: "F**k that shit, I can fix it". First, I went to the dermatologist, she made a couple of tests and prescribed topical lotion with Erythromycin, speaking honestly, it hasn't helped at all.Then, my dermatologist advised me to visit an endocrinologist and check intestines (hope this word is correct). The endocrinologist made some blood tests as well and found that amount of Helicobacter Pylori bacterias was a way higher than it should be (10x times increase).
Worth to notice, that I felt constant tightness in my belly, after consuming the food, and my overall diet was pretty bad and unhealthy. Afterwards, the endocrinologist said that Helicobacter Pylori can contribute to skin problems and cause acne and suggested antibiotics treatment. She prescribed me Doxycycline and Clarithromycin internally. I took this stuff about the week but skipped a few doses because of self-foolishness and was about to visit the doctor again and explain the situation, but the magic has already happened. 
After ending the antibiotics course, my acne has stopped, I was cured! Clean face, no more pimples and, BTW, belly tightness has gone away, moreover I even could eat a lot of sweets and chocolate at nights without any problems. In the Spring I started to see pimples again. Actually, they were super minor and rare (1-3 small pimples a month, completely manageable).  Starting from the middle of Summer my situation began to worsen, I was constantly getting new acne after eating shitty food, my belly tightness has come back at some degree. After that, I improved my diet and was able to keep the face in very decent condition for about 1.5-2 months plus I discovered this forum and found couple great products which work for me quite good (will be listed the at the end of message).
Unfortunately, I have screwed up my diet again a month ago, which has triggered pretty bad acne, comparable to the one I had before treatments. I'm going to visit doctors (derm and endocrinologist) again and this time solve this problem once and for all.

Thanks for reading, I would like to ask couple more questions, maybe someone has been to the similar situation and can give useful advice.
2 - Does someone know how Helicobacter and Acne are connected? Are they connected at all? It appears like both of them could be treated with the same antibiotics.
3 - Has someone had belly issues and acne? Have you managed to solve them?
4 - Any other recommendations and  advices? 

Products that I use:
1. Cetaphil moisturizer. Best moisturizer that I have ever had, made my skin smoother, improved the tone and I believe it helps with healing hyperpigmentation marks a bit.
2. Mandelic acid serum %10. I have found this thing on this forum, it makes hyperpigmentation marks fade much faster.
3. Benzoyl Peroxide 10% lotion. I haven't used this stuff long enough. For some pimples it works good, for others doesn't do anything, also it can easily burn your face, so I try to use it very carefully.
Also, going to start using some retinoid, after antibiotics course, hope it will combat the issue from other angle and help to maintain a good result.
4. Dermaroller 1.5mm. Use it very rarely, but there are a plenty of stories over the internet in which a dermaroller solves different skin problems. Probably I should learn how to use this thingy correctly.

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