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Scared to tell long distance BF about my acne scars :(

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Hi guys,

I’m new here so excuse me if I’ve posted in the wrong category...anyway I Ed some advice please...

I used to have the best skin until I turned 21 and started breaking out all over my cheeks with massive red painful cysts...because of that I am now left with pitted scarring all over my cheeks which looks horrible especially in certain lighting. My ex of 6 years dumped me last year and that really broke me into pieces because he was my first love...got into serious depression after that but recently I was introduced to a new guy for marriage purposes (yes I am Indian hence introduction for marriage purposes) - he is my friend’s cousin-and honestly he is exactly what I’ve always wanted in my future husband...he makes me laugh so much I feel so happy whenever I talk to him and I’ve even stopped getting depressed over my ex because of how amazing I feel when I talk to this guy.  He has old me that he has developed feelings for me BUT the problem is that we have never met because I live in London and he lives in Dubai so you can say it’s like a long distance relationship right now. We were introduced via WhatsApp. Now he has seen pictures of me but you can’t really see the scarring in the pics so when he sees me in real he might think wth what happened to her face and I don’t want that. I’m meeting him for the first time this December in Dubai -we planned a family holiday so my family and his family could meet and me and him can get to know each other more. He is already so excited for it...

So I don’t know what to do? Shall I talk to him about my scars before we meet or shall I just leave it for him to see when he meets me? I don’t want to sound like a depressed girl with no self confidence because I think guys don’t find that attractive regardless of what you look like...I wanna come across as confident to him. Also I doubt that he would reject me after finding out that I have acne scars but there’s a part of me that is so scared about losing this guy because he makes me so happy.....I was thinking maybe i should get some treatment done before seeing him so that my scars are somewhat reduced in appearance? I’ve had microneedling done for the first time last month but I don’t see any results yet....I really hope we can go ahead with this marriage it’s just my scars letting me down :( 

Honestly so confused about what what to do any advice would be much appreciated thanks. 

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I think you should tell him, if he likes you then he will support you no matter what. And anyway he will find out, even if you treat it, maybe some of your friends or family tell him one day or he see old pictures. Its nothing to be ashamed of, its part of you, so he should accept you

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