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I’m 19. I didn’t have bad acne growing up, mostly just blackheads on my nose. I would say I have combination skin because it’s oily on my forehead and chin, but fairly normal everywhere else. 

However, for the last year, I’ve had a moderate amount of ance on my chin. Everywhere else on my face is completely clear, save for the occasional clogged pore on my cheeks. The acne is literally just on my chin. It isn’t deep cystic acne, they look more like white-heads. 

The only time my chin clears is when I’m on my period. However, those are fairly irregular. Sometimes they are on time for months, and then other times they don’t show up for months. Like, my last one was fifty-five days ago.

What could be the cause of my chin acne, and how do I treat it? I’m going to the doctors next week for my acne, but it’s really uncomfortable to say all this.


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Just pores blocking hun due to to much Sebum and oil in the skin, there's no cause for acne. Your dead skin cells shed every month and bacteria gets trapped.have you tryed the gels and topical treatments for acne? I suggest trying antibiotics from the doctor and using a gel cleansers something like the dermalogica special cleansing gel, drink water and cut out processed foods and takeaways. Irregular periods could be a condition called Poly cystic ovarian sydrome. I don't know have you heard of that condition? spriloactone is a good tablet to try. Be careful with towels and pillowcases change them regular.

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