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32y male, cystic acne, need advice

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Hi there everybody

I'm a 32 year old male, started getting severe acne at 13 and I'm still struggling like hell with acne and super oily skin. 

For many years now I've dedicated much of my time and energy to try and cure me of this acne hell, but to no avail. 

Tried Accutane, the regimen, all kinds of diets and holistic supplements and facewash/lotions etc. 

Eating sugar, carbs and alcohol ALWAYS ends up with cystic acne but it seems I can actually eat stuff like cream and butter with no problem.
The acne also comes with digestive/gut problems like constipation/diarrhea, bad gas etc. 

The ONLY thing that is sort of working is when I'm either water fasting for a couple of days and when I'm taking Ibuprofen. Which leads me to the conclusion that something in my body is happening when I'm eating and that it's inflammatory. 

When I'm eating a strict NO-carb diet I can sort of manage to keep the acne at bay but whenever I go off the diet the slightest it's back to cystic hell.. 

I have been seeing a holistic nutritionist for a year now but I feel he's just as clueless as I am... 
I have also taken a number of lab tests for gut bacteria, hormonal balance, food allergies and stuff but nothing comes up as out of the ordinary. 

Can anybody help identify my symptoms and maybe point me in the right direction? 
Anybody whose experience/symptoms are the same as mine? 



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Sorry to hear this. Sadly this forum is pretty inactive these days so I don't know if you'll get much response.

I do empathise - although my acne is rather mild, I am 35 (male) and still suffer with regular breakouts and I know how confidence-knocking it can be.

Aside from Accutane, have you gone back to a dermatologist for any other treatment?

From what say, it's clearly an internal issue. I am similar, in that, these days it seems like pretty much whatever I eat causes some kind of inflammation. I eat vegan now and I'm strict on no/low sugar. I do eat carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, brown rice and gluten-free bread. But, as I say, even if I just eat a salad it seems to impact my skin in some way or another and I also think it's a digestive/gut issue.

I have tried kefir, probiotics, vitamin suppliments, bone broth etc.but nothing seemed to help or make much difference.

I know this isn't offering you any suggestions but you are not alone in the struggle.

If you're skin is as bad as your post suggests I would consider going back to a derm though. For me, it's mild so I can put up with it but if it's cycstic I can imagine it's also painful and you shouldn't have to put up with it.

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Check into the whole food diet, only natural vegetable carbs, lean meats, no or low dairy and little to no grains. You can modify this diet to your tolerance. Watch out for too many nuts too. Have you tried a retinoid yet?  Always staying in touch with a good derm is smart IMHO. Retinoids are the gold standard and don't have to be used every night depending on condition of your skin.  I've found my best results by combing more of a whole food diet, with a good retinoid and Benzaclin. Cut the caffeine and alcohol to minimum or zero and you'll notice even more improvement.

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I just made a post about what worked best for me (I am 21 years old and struggled with acne and extremely oily skin since I was 11) if any of it could help you I'd be happy!

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@Strings hey mate, just read your post. I have similiar problem and this condition is mostly affected from the food I eat. However it's still hard to give correlation exactly which foods are causing breakouts, because everyone has individual metabolism. In general entirely cut out dairy products, try to avoid sugar, coffee, alcohol, keep carbs as low as possible. I think that mw86 gave nice tips in his post as well.

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Thanx for all the replies :symbols_v1_0:

Going to a derm seems hopeless, they only want to prescribe accutane, which I was on when I was 17 
and it didnt really help and it also gave me mental issues like social anxiety so I dont want to go through that again :/ 

The thing is though, the day after I wrote this post I started taking two supplements I hadn't tried before. 
Niacin(Niacinamide) and some sort of herbal liver support. Since then my acne has been reduced by like 95% and my oily skin has also subsided! I've even put it to the test it by eating junk food and candy and it still works. 

Now, I know that you shouldnt start celebrating after only two weeks but this is probably the longest success I've had in like ever.. So I'm hoping I've found something that works in the long run this time.

I'll keep you updated, maybe it's something that might work for someone else too!!

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