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I have been on accutane for 67 days now, at 40mg/day and I weigh 49 kg (108 pounds). Started with mild to moderate acne, and I feel like it’s worse now than it had been before I had started accutane. Bleh. I’m still breaking out pretty consistently around my jaw (cystic) and chin (white heads/normal pimples) area. Dryness isn’t bad at alllll. My skin is only dry after a pimple is popped and it starts to heal. Lips are dry, but not too bad at all either! I use blistex a few times a day and I am set. I wash my hair once every week/week and a half or so, but could probably go a month without washing my hair, so that’s a plus lol. The back pain is terrible though. 

Apart from minor dryness and bad back pain, some other side effects I have had recently were teeny tiny blister like bumps on my lips that stayed for about 3 days, then they disappeared. My left eye was swollen and sore for a day, then became normal again. I also went 7 weeks without my period, so I am not sure what’s going on with that. 

Honestly, my time on accutane thus far hasn’t been that bad at all. I know I'm only about 2 months in, but I feel like I’ll never stop breaking out. I always take my medicine right after I eat really fatty foods to maximize the absorption. I have had stretches of a few days where I am not breaking out at all, then it starts all over again. I hope this actually works:(

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