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HELP Cystic Acne and dry sensitive skin

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Hi looking for help

im a 31 year old female, I developed light acne around my jaw at about 27 and it was treatable with Epiduo Gel.

BUT 12 weeks ago I started taking lithium and 6 weeks ago I ceased taking it as my acne got worse and that’s a lithium side affect, stopping the meds did not help ( my doctor said it’s not lithum related or it wouldn’t be getting worse) and over the past 6 weeks my face chest and back has erupted in cystic and nodular acne it’s worse literally every day.

i am unable to wash or moisturise my face as I’m so ridiculously sensitive to over the counter crap, it brings me out in a rash around my mouth and chin.

Im about to begin Accutane and I’m worried about the effects it’s will have on my already dry sensitive skin. I am seeing a dermatologist in three days, but very much trusted GP said he’s quite sure Accutane will be the best option. 

Is my skin going to dry out and burn even more?

i don’t even know if I’m making sense but I would love to hear from anyone that suffers from dry sensitive skin and horrendous acne.

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It’s definitely quite possible your skin will dry out more on Accutane, but I’ve never used it personally so I can’t say for sure. There must be something your doctor can prescribe, should your dryness get worse. When are you starting Accutane? 

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